The Ulster Land War of 1770



Resolutions of the sheriffs and grand juries were passed in many places approving of the military assistance rendered by the government, and applauding those magistrates who had been most active and violent in their opposition to the popular movement. The following are average examples from News Letter, 1755-1773.

“At a general assize held for the county of Antrim, the 16th of April, 1772, we, the high sheriff, grand jury, and gentlemen there assembled, beg leave to express to your excellency our gratitude for the seasonable military assistance with which you have been pleased to enable us to oppose the spirit of insurgency which has prevailed in this county.

By the attention which you have already shewed to us we are encouraged to request that you will represent to his majesty our warm attachment to his person and government, and our earnest desire to support him and our own happy constitution, and to assure his majesty that the disturbances of this country have proceeded from the lowest class of people, whose vice we hope to be immediately able to correct,

John O’Neill, sheriff; Dunluce, foreman; W. J. Skeffington, Willm. Agnew, Jas. Leslie, St. John O’Neill, Stewart Banks, Mariot Dalway, Richd. Magenis, Roger Moore, Hamilton, Sam. Bristow, Row. Heyland, Tho. Thompson, Conway Richd. Dobbs, W. L. Rowley, Edw. Price, Ezek. D. Boyd, And. Todd, Bryan M’Manus, Jon. White, Wm. Buttle, Jackson Wray junior, Henry Langford Burleigh.”

“We, the sheriff and grand jury of the county of Antrim, convinced of the salutary effects which have attended the active and spirited endeavours of John O’Neill and James Leslie, in suppressing the late alarming insurrections by which the county has, unfortunately, been disturbed, do think it incumbent upon us to take this public manner of assuring them of our thanks for the service they have done this county by the exertion of their power and influence.”
“Given under our hands, this 5th day of April, 1773.”

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