Committee On Orange Institutions In G.B. And Colonies














Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,
7 September 1835.

Wm. McKee. Corporal 17th Regiment.

… Although, by an arrangement between the Grand Orange Lodge in Dublin and the Loyal Orange Institution of Great Britain, the lodges in Upper and Lower Canada are to be under the Irish jurisdiction, yet considerable correspondence has passed between the soldiers and non-commissioned officers of the army there, and the deputy grand secretary of the Loyal Orange Institution in England; and strong encouragement appears to have been given at one time, by the Imperial Grand Lodge in London to the establishment of new lodges, and to the extension of Orangeism, amongst the troops in those provinces. Your Committee refer to the correspondence with those colonies for the state of Orangeism there; and they refer to extracts in the reports of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge in London, for further information on that subject.

Meeting of Grand Lodge, 8th January 1827.- A letter from Sir Harcourt Lees, bart. [Baronet?] was read to the meeting, “strongly recommending the object of Brother John Montgomery West’s mission, relative to the organization of the Orange system in the Canadas, to the serious consideration of the Grand Lodge, as a subject of great and material importance.”

” A letter was also read from Alexander Matheson, esq. of Perth in Upper Canada, in which he states ‘that many thousands of Orangemen at present in the Canadas, are without any regular lodge, the benefit that would result from a regular system to those provinces and to the rising generation would be incalculable.'”….

No. 12.


At a general quartely meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of British North America, assembled in the city of Toronto, pursuant to public notice, on Monday, the 26th day of January 1835, Ogle R. Gowan, Esq. M. P., Provincial Grand Master, in the chair, the following, with a variety of other proceedings, were entered into:

1st. Resolved, That the reports this day read of the proceedings of the respective meetings of the Grand Lodges of Great Britain and Ireland are highly interesting and important to this meeting, and that we hail with much satisfaction the rapid progress of the institution in our father-land.

2nd. Resolved, That the following report be received and printed under the direction of the committee:

The Committee of Finance and Correspondence beg to report to the Grand Lodge that they have paid particular attention to the interests of the society and the promotion of its views since the last meeting of the Grand Lodge; that the society was never in a more prosperous state, more respectability or numbers added to its ranks, or more perfect unanimity pervading all the ramifications of the order; as an example of which, the committee may state, that within the year, ending with the last annual meeting, the lodges have increased from 103 to 154, the number of counties into which the society has extended from 13 to 17, the number of districts from 25 to 40, and the total number of members from 11,242 to 12,853; being an increase within the year of 51 lodges, 4 counties, 15 districts, and 1,611 members.

The committee suggest to the Grand Lodge the propriety, if not necessity, of calling in forthwith the amount of all dues now owing to the Grand Lodge, and that in failure of any lodge or individual before the next quartely meeting, that such lodge should have its warrant called in and cancelled, and such individual have his name struck form the list, except some good and sufficient cause for such negligence can be show to the Provincial Grand Master or his Deputy.

The rapid spread of the institution; its daily increasing expenses, as well as income; and the extensive correspondence that is now continually required to be carried on, together with the diligence and attention so essentially necessary for the welfare of the order, in the opinion of the committee, call for a separate and specific allocation from the funds of the society (say about 25 £ or 30 £ annually), to be paid to some clerk or confidential person, who would attend more directly and immediately to the society’s interests.

The committee beg respectfully to bring under the consideration of the Grand Lodge the discretion and propriety of sending a delegate to the Grand Lodges of Great Britain and matters of mutual security and welfare.

All of which is respectfully submitted.
Henry Thornhill, Deputy Grand

3rd. Resolved, That it is a subject of the greatest satisfaction to this meeting to be assured of the rapid spread of our loyal society, the increasing approval of our principles, and the perfect unanimity and prosperity that now so fortunately prevails throughout the entire lodges in the colony.

4th. Resolved, That parchment warrants be issued, with as little delay as may be convenient.

5th. Resolved, That subscriptions be entered into for the purpose of sending a delegate to confer with the Grand Lodges of Great Britain and Ireland upon several important matters; and that the following persons be appointed to select the delegate, and prepare the necessary funds.

Ogle R. Gowan, Esq., M.P.                                     Walter Atkin, Esq., J.P.
Thomas Sheffield, Esq., J.P.                                  Captain Bullock, Sheriff of
Prince Edward.
Colonel Covert, J.P.
Joseph Goff, Esq., J.P.                                            William R. DeRenzie, Esq.
Nathaniel Ellison.                                                  Captain Elliot.
William Beamish.                                                   Colonel Hartwell, J.P.
Rev. Richard Flood.                                                Henry Thornhill, Esq.
John Armstrong, Esq.                                            Robert Anderson.
Edward Noble.                                                         James Chambers.
Charles M’Vittie, Esq.                                            James Tailor, Esq.
Alderman Thornhill.                                              John Roddy.
Alexander Steward.                                                John Steward, Esq.
George Hamilton.                                                   John Brown.

6th. Resolved, That we deeply sympathise with our Orange brethren in Ireland, in the privations to which they were subjected, by mob tyranny and oppresion on the one hand, and executive folly and forgetfulness on the other; but we trust the period of oppression has past, and that the time has at length arrived when their former services will be faithfully remembered, and their present principles duly appreciated.

7th. Resolved, That and address be prepared to His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, the Illustrious Grand Master of the Empire, expressive of the thanks and gratitude felt for His Royal Highness by the Orangemen of British America.

8th. Resolved, That a correct list of the grand officers, chosen at the annual meeting, be printed.

9th. Resolved, That no warrants be held as legal, or acknowledged as in connection with the Orangemen of Upper Canada, except such as are issued by the Grand Lodge of British North America, until after the return of the delegate from Great Britain and Ireland, military lodges alone excepted.
Ogle R. Gowan, G. M.,

10th. Moved by the Grand Master of the county of York, seconded by the Grand Master of the county of Halton, and resolved, That the Provincial Grand Master be requested to leave the chair, and that James Taylor, Esq., be requested to take the same.

11th. Moved by the district Master of the city of Toronto, seconded by Thomas B. Phillips, Esq., J.P., and resolved, That the Grand Lodge, ever mindful of individual merit, feel great pleasure in adding the voice of their approbation to that so fully and so frequently expressed by the whole order throughout the province in favour of our worthy and most excellent Grand Master; not only for his invaluable exertions in the maintenance of our institution as a grand bulwark in support of British supremacy, but also for his splendid Parliamentary career, where he has so faithfully and manfully combated the foes of liberty and the constitution, as also for his firm and dignified conduct in the chair this day.
James Taylor, D.G.T.,
John Brown, Secretary protem.
City of Toronto, Jan. 26, 1835.


Grand Officers of the Grand Orange Lodge of British North America for the Year 1835.

Imperial Grand Master of the Empire, his Royal Highness Prince Ernest Duke of Cumberland, &c. &c. &c. Kew Palace, London.

Prelate, the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, &c. &c. &c. the Palace, Salisbury. Provincial Grand Master, Ogle Robert Gowan, Esq., M.P., Escott Park, Beverley, county Leeds.

Deputy Grand Master, Captain Bullock, High Sheriff of the county of Prince Edward, Hallowell.

Grand Secretary, Colonel Covet, J.P., Hamilton, Cobourg.
Deputy Grand Secretary, Henry Thornhill, Esq. Brockville.
Grand Treasurer, William Richard DeRinzie, Esq., Charleston, Beverley.
Deputy Grand Treasurer, James Taylor, Esq., King-street, city of Toronto.
Grand Chaplain, The Rev. Richard Flood, A. B., Caradoc, county Middlesex.
Deputy Grand Chaplain, The Rev. John Radcliffe, A.B., Adelaide, county Middlesex.

Grand Committee:

Richard Athill, Esq.                                                   Joseph Goff, Esq., J.P.
David S. M’Queen, Esq.                                            Walter Atkin, Esq., J.P.
Joseph Graham, Esq.                                                William Matheson, Esq.
John Armstrong, Esq.                                              George H. Grierson, Esq.
Philip S. Mussen.                                                      William Benson, Esq.
Christopher Gunness.                                              Henry Maud.
John Brown, Esq., M.P.                                            William Green, Esq.
Henry Orr.                                                                  William Brennan.
John Hobson, Esq., J.P.                                            Ziba M. Phillips, Esq., M.D.
Robert Blevins.                                                          John Hewston, Esq., J.P.
Charles Ruttan, Esq.                                                John Philpot Curran, Esq., J.P.
Lieut.-col. Hartwell, J.P.                                          John Roddy.
Joseph Clarke, Esq., J.P.                                          Thomas Hill.
John Steward, Esq.                                                  Basil R. Church, Esq., M.D.
James Hall, Esq.                                                       Thomas Sheffield, Esq., J.P.
Newton Carlile, Esq., M.D.                                    Johnston H. Hamilton, Esq.
Cleveland Stafford, Esq.                                        Archibald Cassidy.
Samuel Johnston.                                                   Jacob Smith.
John Darcus, Esq., J.P.                                           Robert Johnston.
Benjamin Stewart.                                                 William Davis.
Peter Johnson.                                                       Alderman Thornhill.
Stanous Daniel.                                                     Charles Kyle, Esq.
Edw. Allan Talbot, Esq.,                                       J.P. Captain Elliot.
George Kingsmill.                                                 John Alex. Wilkinson, Esq., M.P.
Donald Fraser, Esq.,                                             J.P. Captain Matheson.
Captain Fraser.                                                      Major Munsell, J.P.
Henry White, Esq., J.P.                                        William Magee Frier.
Thos. F. M’Queen, Esq., M.D.                             E.H. Whitmarsh, Esq.

Honorary Members of the Grand Orange Lodge of British North America:
His Grace the Duke of Gordon.
The most Noble the Marquis of Ely.
The most Noble the Marquis of Thomond.
The most Noble the Marquis of Chandos.
The Right honourable the Earl of Enniskillen.
The Right honourable the Earl of Roden.
The Right honourable the Earl of Winchelsea.
The Right honourable the Earl of Rathdowne.
The Right honourable the Earl of Bandon.
Lord Viscount Cole.
Lord Viscount Mandeville.
Lord Viscount Castlemaine.
Lord Viscount Lowther.
Lord Viscount Powerscourt.
Lord Viscount Jocelyn.
Lord Langford.
Lord Farnham.
Lord Kenyon.

British North America, 26th Jan. 1835, Grand Orange Lodge.
Report of Proceedings.
British North America is under the jurisdiction of the Irish Grand Lodge.


Committee On Orange Institutions In G.B. And Colonies.;British Parliamentary Papers, 1835, XVII, (605), XV-XVI, Append. 204-20


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