Two Years of English Atrocities in Ireland

English Atrocities in Ireland,

The following is a detailed list of the acts of violence committed in Ireland by the English Government during the two years 1917-1918. In another volume is catalogued similar outrages visited upon the Irish people during the three preceding years. 1914-1915-1916.

This period — 1914-1918 — is selected to exemplify “the good government of Ireland,” not because there was, at other times, no such violence done in Ireland under governmental aegis; but because in these years English statesmen incessantly lectured other nations upon their sins of oppression, although at the time they were not only aware, but in actual direction, of a pitiless persecution of that small nation nearest to their own shores.

The particular items of this volume of outrage are compiled from the daily newspapers published in Ireland. In other words, they are the hostile acts the commission of which the English Government admits, since before publication each item had by special injunction to be submitted to and have its authenticity approved of by the English Censor in Ireland. The lists could be extended considerably by the addition of atrocious acts of English agents and soldiery not permitted by the Censor to appear in the Press. But it is thought that so formidable an array of admitted violation can need no further enlargement to convince outside peoples that, not by any means in the past only, but with even more severity in these present years of the Christian Era is the Irish Nation suffering under a reign of terror comparable only to the recent merciless treatment meted out to Belgium.

In examination of these lists it will be seen to what an unparalleled degree English oppression exists in Ireland.

Although the Insurrection of 1916 had already been eight months suppressed, the year 1917 opens in Ireland with unabated aggression against the liberty of the subject. Arrests for the most trivial political offences are continual. Sentences the most vicious are passed upon those who hare been unjustly seized. Innocent men are secreted away in criminal prisons, there to suffer almost unbelievable indignities which shall subsequently be detailed. Public assemblies are attacked by military and police. Men, women, and even children, are beaten down in the public street by a police force organised not for the preservation of internal peace but for the forcible sustainment of the English usurpation. Some are even killed in these unlicensed attacks upon the genaral body of the people. Proclamations declaring illegal and criminal popular meetings, traditional assemblies, processions and celebrations, and, in some districts, even fairs and markets, are uttered by English military commanders and are relentlessly enforced by English soldiery and English-controlled police.

Before summarising more definitely these enormities of misgovernment let it at once be declared that no imprisonment, arrest, sentence, batoning, raid, or suppression is herein mentioned which is in any way the result of offences against the ordinary criminal code. All the acts with which England is here charged, and which are in this volume enumerated, are acts against persons innocent of any crime save that of championing the freedom of their own nation against an aggressor. The arrests, etc., are those only of men and women who spoke publicly of Ireland’s right to independence, who drilled in defence of that right, who defied oppressive proclamations, who paid honour to the dead of their race, who displayed the flag of their independence, who spoke the native language of their people, or who expressed economically as well as politically the right of the nation to rule in all things concerning the nation. The arrests and punishments of the ordinary criminal classes receive no mention in any portion of these pages, Indeed, if such totals were included they would not swell very perceptibly the lists published. In spite of the evil system of alien government under which Iceland has for so long laboured, the honour of the people has remained unstained and offences against the ordinary criminal code have always been remarkably few. It is England’s own condemnation that during the very period when her armed forces were rounding up men in all classes of life, and when her courts were sentencing those rounded up to long terms of imprisonment, the regular judges of assize before whom every serious criminal offence is brought were able to say, as Mr. Justice Gibson said, at the Wicklow Assizes on March 1st, 1917:—

“As far as the general state of the country was concerned, he was informed, as was the usual pleasing experience of Judges of Assize, that it was in its ordinary peaceful and satisfactory condition.”

Or as the Lord Chief Justice said at Trim Assizes on the same date:—

“It was gratifying to him on his first occasion as one of his Majesty’s Judges going on Assize, to congratulate them on the peaceful state of the county. There were only two cases to go before the Grand Jury.”

Or a year later, as Mr. Justice Ross said in Waterford City on March 4th, 1918:—

“There was actually no return of any crime in connection with the city. It was a very gratifying circumstance, because one would expect in a city such as that that crimes aggravated or less aggravated would take place. It was a great credit to the people.”

Or Lord Justice Madden said a few days later at Co. Fermanagh Assizes. March 9th, 1918:—

“From the returns and information laid before him he found there was nothing to suggest that the county was in anything but a satisfactory state.”*

These judges are appointed by England more because of their hostility to the people and to the nationhood of Ireland than for any specialisation in justice. But hostile though they are, they continually find themselves forced by facts to admit the law-abidingness of the people. Yet while her own judges declare publicly the comparative crimelessness of Ireland, England sets her police and soldiers scouring the country to arrest men and women wholesale, and at the same time English courts-martial, and specially created “Crimes” Courts, throw hundreds of men into prison for such offences in Ireland as that of Burgomaster Max in Belgium.

It then having been definitely declared that these lists take cognisance exclusively of oppressive acts against innocent persons or at worst “political offenders,” we can proceed to examine in more detail what price is demanded of the patriot in Ireland.

In order that those who read may the more clearly understand how general as well as how serious is English tyranny in Ireland, the violence committed upon the people in the years under consideration has thus been summarised:—

*In these two years. 1917-’18, the Judges of Assize all over Ireland commented upon the crimelessness of the country. The following judges in the counties mentioned congratulated the Grand Juries upon the remarkable absence of “ordinary crime” (i.e.. crime not invented by special act of the English Parliament):—
1917— Mr. Justice Kenny Westmeath: Mr. Justice Dodd, Clare: Lord Justice Ronan, King’s County; Lord Chief Justice, Trim; Mr. Justice Gibson, Wicklow; Mr. Justice Gordon, Longford; Mr. Justice Kenny, Cavan; Mr. Justice Dodd, Limerick City (“He was informed by the authorities of the city’s absolute freedom from what was called ordinary crime.”) Lord Justice Madden, Wexford; Lord Chief Justice. Monaghan; Mr. Justice Gibson. Waterford County; Lord Justice Madden, Waterford City; Lord Justice Honan, Co. Sligo; Lord Chief Justice, Downpatrick; Mr. Justice Gordon, Co. Donegal; Mr Justice Boss. Co. Antrim: Mr. Justice Kenny, Co. Derry; Mr. Justice Dodd, Cork City; Mr. Justice Gibson, Kilkenny; Lord Justice Madden, Co. Carlow; Mr. Justice Gibson, Kildare; Lord Justice Moloney, Co. Armagh.
1918 — Lord Chief Justice, Co. Waterford; Mr. Justice Moore, Co. Louth; Mr. Justice Ross, Waterford City; Mr. Justice Gibson, Co. Westmeath; Lord Justice Ronan, King’s County; Lord Chief Justice, Co. Wicklow; Lord Justice Moloney. Co. Mayo; Commissioner of Assize. Mr. Serjeant Matheson, Co. Kilkenny; Mr. Justice Gibson, Co. Tyrone; Mr. Justice Dodd. Co. Down; Mr. Commissioner Matheson, Co. Kildare: Lord Justice Madden, Co. Donegal; Mr. Justice Moore, Co. Antrim; Air. Justice Gibson, Co. Derry; Mr. Justice Ross, Co. Tipperary; Mr. Justice Gibson, Co. Cavan; Mr. Justice Dodd, Co. Monaghan; Mr. Justice Moore, Co. Armagh; Lord Justice Madden, Co. Fermanagh.

* Wholesale Raids.

This table will surprise any who live out of Ireland. To those who live in Ireland, who seen men seized in the public streets, deported without even a charge being brought against them, sentenced by enemy officers — to those who are competed to live among these daily incidents such totals of hostile acts will seem inadequate. And so they are in fact. Because here we are dealing only with admitted aggressions against men and women in Ireland. Other acts have occurred which in due time will also be charged against the English usurpation.

In the year 1918 these enemy acts reached enormous proportions, as the following table will show:—

(*28 denied foreign circulation.)

If Ireland had no other claim, the above table would itself justify the liberation of this ancient people from the power which thus mercilessly abuses its position, thus pitilessly tortures the victims of its Imperial ambition. In twelve months no less than 2,624 definite acts of war have been committed in Ireland. Between any two nations in Europe any one of these acts would result in craven apology and reparation — or war. This colossal total embraces six murders — men shot or bayonetted in public places or slowly-murdered in prison. It includes 81 attacks upon the general body of the people — attacks by armed government forces upon unarmed civilians — sometimes even upon girls playing national games, as in the incident mentioned under date July 10th, 1918, on page 12. In these cowardly attacks sometimes as many as from 100 to 200 people are injured, and as in Cork, sometimes men are killed.

This table also shows that there were 260 raids by the military and police. These raids are often specially organised to strike the terror of English might into the hearts of the people. They take place often at night, and whole districts are sometimes submitted to the provocation of foreign soldiers breaking into their houses after dark and on the most trivial pretext making exhaustive searches. The 260 raids mentioned will be seen from the appended lists not to be raids on 260 houses only, but on innumerable houses on 260 different occasions in one year.

It will further be seen from this summary that 91 men were, in the year 1918, seized and deported. Against none of these men was any charge levelled. They occupied those most honourable positions of trust in the gift of every subject people — leadership in the struggle for national liberation. Thirty-three of the deportees were, while still untried in English prisons, elected by great majorities to seats in the National Parliament of Ireland. The which is all the evidence outside peoples will need to discover to them that these kidnapped men were accounted by those most intimate with them to be crimeless and honourable. These men have since been released, without apology, explanation, or any charge being preferred against them, two are dead, many are broken in health, and the others are not sure of their liberty for any period whatever.

Free speech has suffered as grievously as every other force in Ireland which tended to make clear to the world the Nation’s desire itself to determine its own destiny. No less than 32 proclamations were issued declaring unlawful national activity of every kind, culminating, on July 4th. 1918, in an official declaration that every assembly of the Irish people in any part of Ireland was from that date illegal and criminal. Men, who, denying the right of any alien government so to proclaim, spoke publicly after that date were tried by courts-martial and were, for that act alone, and without any relation to the words spoken, in many cases, given the atrocious sentence of two years hard labour, which is accounted equal to a sentence of 15 years penal servitude. Not satisfied with this effort to stifle the national voice, persons who were known to have been listeners to these speeches were arrested, tried by enemy officers, and, as in the case mentioned in the lists of
[se]ntences under date Oct. 1st. were actually sent to a criminal jail for three months. Added to this determined endeavour to silence even verbal opposition to their ruthlessness in Ireland, the English usurpation suppressed — in one year! — twelve newspapers and prohibited the foreign circulation of no less than twenty-eight others! While England thus endeavoured to keep from the world all knowledge of her merciless regime in this country she committed a meaner act still. She traduced her gagged victim in every corner of Europe and America and vilely represented acts springing from her own provocation as evidences of the Irish people’s lawlessness and their intrigues with foreign governments.

In continuing our study of the summary above published, we find two totals more enormous that any yet commented upon — those of the arrests and sentences. It seems hardly possible that outside Tzarist Russia almost a thousand people should be sentenced in one year — in the vast majority of cases cruelly sentenced — for political “offences.” In this Ireland hanging limp in the grip of a nearer and equally ruthless Prussianism there were, in 1918, no less than 973 men, women, and, indeed, children, punished — most of them brutally — merely for demanding for their nation the right to nationhood. Public servants, members of civic bodies, of the learned professions, poets and artists, leaders of National and Social parties, all these, as well as humbler workers, have, within the last twelve months, come under the lash of the English knout. And this total of 973 sentences, great as it is, does not include the 91 Irishmen deported and imprisoned for ten months — without even undergoing the formality of having sentence passed upon them. Neither does it include scores of men kept, in some cases for months, in criminal prisons and then silently released untried but effectively punished.

The offences for which these 973 persons were thrown into prison are in the main of three classes —

(1) Public speaking.
(2) Possession of arms or other military equipment, or appearing publicly in military formation.
(3) Possession of documents “which IF published MIGHT cause disaffection.”

The great majority of the sentences, the cause of which has not been particularised in the appended lists, are the results of one or other of these three classes of “crime.” In addition a host of new “offences” have been invented by proclamation. On October 3rd, 1918, a boy was sent for one month to a criminal settlement for carrying a Sinn Fein flag. A few weeks afterwards a young man was given five months imprisonment for “being in the company of boys carrying a Sinn Fein flag.” On October 17th, 1918, for “whistling derisively at the police” a youth was sent to gaol for one month. Scores of Irishmen and women have been incarcerated in criminal prisons for speaking the Irish language. For singing National songs one man was sentenced to two years hard labour, and many others, including girls, to lesser terms. These and a swarm of other “crimes” created by an English Government enduringly hostile to the people are the offences for which 973 men, women and children are classed as criminals in Ireland.

In Ireland, sex is no guarantee that the brutality of tyrants will not be visited upon national workers. Three delicate women were among those deported in May, two of whom were subsequently released in broken health. No less than 17 girls and women were sentenced for speaking Irish or collecting for memorials to men murdered by the English enemy. Among those arrested 32 were women and girls, several of the latter being below 18 years of age. Neither does old age command any respect from the government under which Ireland suffers. Among those deported many men were past middle age, and two were over sixty. Among those arrested and sentenced was one man of 70 years of age and many men of fifty upwards. Extreme youth stands as little chance of generous treatment in this all embracing scheme of provocation. In glancing through the appended lists the reader will come across mention of the arrest or sentence of eighteen boys, nearly all of whom are under 16 years of age — and of other boys similarly treated. But at this moment of writing (March 20th, 1919) a greater infamy than any is in course of perpetration. A boy of eleven was, six weeks ago, kidnapped by police in his parents house in Co. Tipperary and has ever since been secreted away so securely that his mother can find no trace of him and will get no word of his whereabouts from the English authorities who hold him. Since they have seized this child of eleven the police have got bolder, and more recently they have arrested a boy of 13 whom they have also at a nameless place. They have made no statement regarding these children. It is believed they have seized them to extract information from them. Of what means they are using to turn such infants into English spies there is nothing known. The word of enemy officials is all the assurance the nation has that these children still live.

The last total in this tabular summary to be considered is the greatest. The arrest of 1,107 innocent persons in Ireland in twelve months is at least a triumph of English activity. These have been seized, usually in their beds at the dead of night, and if, having been seized, no charge is discovered against them, they are allowed to linger for several months in criminal settlements and are then ejected “without a stain on their characters.” But as accuracy in a charge has long since been abandoned by English agents as an unnecessary complication, the vast majority of those arrested finally find themselves created criminals by an English Government which is determined to bring freedom from oppression to every nation except those under its own iron heel.

Not even when they have been thus tyrannously torn from their homes and cast into prison are these Irish victims of alien aggression free from further indignity. It will hardly be believed, but it has on oath been proved that men are in their cells frequently batoned by police introduced on some flimsy pretext into the prisons; that, not considered sufficiently helpless, some of the prisoners are put into strait-jackets and great numbers kept in irons for weeks — at the moment of writing the majority of the political prisoners in Belfast Jail have been in handcuffs for, in some cases, five weeks. In Belfast Prison also men have, by order of the Governor, been drenched by a fire hose and then left to lie in their wet clothes all night — manacled and unable to assist themselves. In Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, prisoners were also hosed, and it was in that place that one of the worst of the Irish prison tragedies occurred. Thomas Ashe, and many comrades, making a protest against criminal treatment, went on hunger strike. All the furniture was removed from their cells and towards the end of September, 1917, they were left half naked, and weak from four days hunger, lying on the cold stone floors of their cells. The leaders of the protest were then carried into the basement and forcibly fed by an inexperienced doctor so effectively that Thomas Ashe collapsed and did not recover. Every month men are thrown out from these Irish prisons lamentably broken in health and often in physique.

In these many and terrible ways is England’s love of justice shown. In the following enormous lists of atrocious acts is contained the proof of her hatred of all oppression.


Mar. 2— John Ryan died at Ennis; shot by police on 26th February.
„ 9— Thomas Russell died; bayoneted by English soldiers on 24th
April 15— John Brown and Robert Laide (shot); killed by police at Gortallea.
June 7— Pat Duffy shot at Castleblayney on June 4th.
Dec. 7— Dick Coleman killed in prison.

Mar. 14— John W. Wallace died as result of Frongoch prison treatment.
May 14— Bernard Ward died after release from Wandsworth Jail. Health broken down.
June 20— Abraham Allen bayonetted to death by police in Cork.
July 14— Daniel Scanlan killed by police, who fired at crowd at Ballybunion. Verdict of wilful murder returned against police.
„ 26— Wm. Partridge died on release from prison.
Sept. 26— Tom Ashe killed in prison.
„ 29— Thomas Stokes died. Released from Frongoch in broken health.


Jan 18— Ballyahannon — Soldiers attacked Sinn Feiners returning peaceably after meeting, injuring many.
Feb. 14— Cork —Baton charge.
„ 16— Ennis – Baton charge followed removal of prisoners: many injured.
„ 22— Corry, Roscommon — Baton charge; many injured. Boyle — Do.
„ 25— Kildare — Baton charge: many injured. Aughrim — Do. Boy named Connolly severely hurt.
„ 26— Castlefergus— P. O’Neill, — Ryan. J. Leddy, shot by police. Baton charges N. Roscommon: police and military in possession of many towns.
Mar 4— Ballinagare — Baton charge; many injured. Limerick — Local men objected to English soldiers’ behaviour with girls. Soldiers charged crowd with bayonets badly injuring young man.
„ 4 and 6— Limerick — Tivoli Picture House raided by soldiers; women and children beaten and batoned; also charges in street.
„ 9— Nenagh — Charges by soldiers and police.
„ 11— Dundalk — Baton charge.
„ 14— Thurles — Baton charges.
„ 15— Westport — Baton charges; many injured.
„ 13— Belfast — Baton charge; many injured.
„ 19— Cork — Same as Limerick on 4th. Many injured.
Mar. 20— Cork — Baton charges.
„ 21— Castlebar — Baton charges.
„ 25— Athboy — Baton charge many injured.
April 3— Skibbereen — Baton charge.
„ 9— Dungarvan — Baton charge in court; many injured.
„ 9— Dungarvan — Baton charge. Also Tralee; many injured.
„ 18— Templemore — Baton charge after trials.
May 21— Kiliarney — Dispute between Australian and English soldiers was followed by police baton charge; many civilians injured.
June 14— Baton charge, York Street, Dublin.
„ 15— Ballygar — Two bayonet charges after arrests; Thomas Glynn and others seriously injured. Also baton charges.
July 2— Kilkenny — Baton charge; many injured.
„ 4— Waterford — Baton charge, because people cheered.
„ 8— Kilkenny — Baton charge because people cheered prisoners.
„ 9— Ballinasloe — Baton charge.
„ 10— Galway — Girls* camogie (Irish equivalent of hockey) match stopped by baton charge.
„ 10— Co. Kerry — Police charged, using butt-ends of their rifles; many injured.
„ 11— Dunmamway.— Do.
„ 12— Portarlington — Bayonet and rifle-butt charge.
„ 13— Coalisland — Police and military charge dancers.
„ 15— Glenbeigh — Aeridheacht dispersed by military and police with batons and rifle butts.
„ 23— Banagher — Police charge football match with batons: many injured.
Aug. 17— Clifden — Baton charge at Cumann na mBan (Women’s Irish League) meeting; many injured. Youghal — Charge, many injured.
„ 27— Cork — Baton charges: many injured.
„ 28— Galbally — Baton charge.
„ 29— Dublin — Baton charges in chief streets; several injured.
„ 29— Clare — School boys shouted “Up, De Valera.” Police charge them with batons. One boy arrested. Several persons injured. Old man opening his door batoned.
Sept. 28— English officers provoke riot in Mallow by forcing entrance to Sinn Fein rooms with loaded revolver. No meeting in progress. Police called out to baton the people, who calmly withdrew.
Oct. 1— Ballina — Police tried to seize photo of Tom Ashe. Baton charge. Five boys arrested. Several boys under 16 badly hurt.
„ 2— Galway — Baton charge after military captain’s lecture, because crowd jeered; many injured.
„ 9— Ballina — Baton charge.
Nov. 13— Dublin — Baton charges; many injured.
„ 14— English soldiers attacked 6 Harcourt St. and Mansion House.
Nov. 25— S. Cork — Military and police dispersed Manchester Martyrs’ meeting. Charleville — Police and soldiers baton and bayonet charge; many injured.
„ 26— Dundalk — Baton charge at meeting; many injured. Military called out.
Dec. 1— Belfast — Baton charge; women and children injured.
„ 10— Military charged Sinn Fein crowd at the double. Some twenty baton charges took place during the General Election.
„ 16— Waterford — Baton and bayonet charges.
23 – Ennis — Baton charge to disperse crowd welcoming James Madigan from Belfast prison.

April 16— Cork — Baton charge after Mass.
„ 23— Limerick — Baton charge.
„ 24— Near Crossmaglen — Baton charge at five men’s arrest.
May 24— Mallow — Baton charge; many injured.
June 11— Dublin — Baton charge; many injured.
„ 25— Cork — Baton and bayonet charge; firearms used; many injured.
July 12— Limerick — Baton charges.
„ 13— Killaloe — Baton charge. McNamara badly injured.
Aug. 13— Dublin — Baton charge in Westmoreland Street; many injured.
Sept. 27 Cork — Baton and bayonet charges; many injured.
„ 28— Cork — Do.
Oct. 1— Baton charges throughout the country.
„ 15— Enniskillen Police and military forcibly stop meeting: many injured.
„ 30— Tralee — Baton charges; many injured.
Nov. 6— Kanturk — Baton charges; many injured. Thurles — Military seized town and mounted machine-guns.
„ 22— Cork — Baton charge; many injured; some seriously.
Dec. 1 — Cork People beaten with butt-ends of police rifles; many badly injured.


Feb. 8 – Lawler’s of Fownes Street, Dublin – Raided.
„ 18 – Tonenagulla Volunteers’ houses raided.
„ 19 – Sinn Fein Club, Dundalk, broken into.
Mar. 18 – Raids in Miltown-Malbay and Galway.
April 16 – Cork – Raids for arms.
„ 24 – Dundalk – Police seized ammunition in local shops.
„ 25 – Ballina, Co. Tipperary – Houses raided.
„ 26 – Police seized shot-guns in hardware shops in Youghal, Dungarvan, Waterford, Omagh, Ballyvary. Private houses in Letterkenny and Castlerea raided.
April 27— Navan — Police seized all cartridge, blasting powder, and gunpowder.
May 1— Dublin — Private house raided. Boyle — Extensive raids and seizures of arms. Also in Ballynahinch and Midleton. In last named all stocks in shops of ammunition, blasting powder and gunpowder seized.
„ 2— Kyle — Raids on private houses. Carrigailen — Shops raided.
„ 4— Lurgan — Shot-guns and ammunition seized from hardware and pawn shops.
„ 6— Donegal — Do.
„ 15— Belfast — Shops raided for arms. Listowel — Houses searched.
„ 16— Searches in Enniscorthy and seizures of literature.
„ 17— Tulsk — Raids for arms.
„ 18— Sinn Fein General Headquarters, Dublin, raided.
„ 21— Kildare — Private houses raided.
„ 22— Elphin — Private houses raided.
„ 23— Bandon — Private houses raided.
„ 24— Tipperary — Houses and shops raided.
„ 29— Limerick — Raid on Printing Works.
June 3— Naas — Private houses raided.
„ 5— Tipperary — Private houses raided.
„ 7— N. Louth — General raids.
„ 8— Killarney — Shops raided.
„ 10— Queen’s County — Military and police raids.
„ 12— Ballylanders, Birr, Banagher, Athlone — Raids.
„ 14— Dublin — York Street Workmen’s Club closed down.
„ 15— Waterford — Raids.
„ 17— Dolla, Silvermines, Toomevara — Raids. £150 in silver taken.
„ 19— Waterford — Raids, and literature seized. Ballylanders — House raided.
„ 20— King’s County — Civilians stopped and searched.
„ 25— Foynes—House raids. Westmeath Soldier—wrecked Sinn Fein Hall.
„ 28— Thurles—Raids.
July 6— Galway, Roscommon. King’s Co., Tipperary — Many raids. Also Dublin Printers raided.
„ 8— Skibbereen — Raids Tipperary — Do Cork — Do.
„ 10— Galway — Raids.
„ 11— Carrick-on-Suir, Sligo, Bandon, Coalisland — Many raids.
„ 16— Kilkenny — Stationers’ shops raided.
„ 22— Dublin — Gaelic Press raided.
„ 24— Wexford, Gorey, Corofin — Raids.
„ 26— Kerry — £130 in silver taken. Birr, Tipperary, Glynn and district — Many raids.
„ 27— Athlone, Tralee — Shops raided.
„ 30— Enniscorthy, Youghal — Homes raided.
Aug 1— Thomastown — Police stop children’s sports. Glin and Rathdowney — Raids.
Aug. 2— Dublin — Gaelic Press raided; machines taken away. Birr, Cloughjordan — Raids.
„ 3— Enniscorthy, Manorhamilton — Many raids.
„ 7— Dublin — Newsagents shop raided. Rathdowney — Houses raided. raided.
„ 15— Dublin — Raids.
„ 17— Foynes — Local houses raided.
„ 20— Charlestown — Sinn Fein Hall raided.
„ 22— Dublin — Irish Art Depot raided, literature seized. S. Fermanagh — Private houses raided.
„ 23— Bagnelstown — Raids; police forced entry to sleeping women’s rooms. Co. Donegal — Irish College students’ houses searched. Kerry (Cahirciveon) — Military raided houses; seized £69 in silver from J.J. O’Shea, £63 in silver from Mary R. Mahony, in gold and silver from Mortimer O’Connell.
„ 24— Roscommon — Raids.
„ 27— Elphin and Strokestown — Raids. Newmarket — Raids. Clonakilty — Do. Rush — Do.
„ 28— Philipstown, Barnaboy, Youghal — Raids.
„ 29— Cahirciveen — Houses raided.
„ 30— Midleton — Raids.
Sept.— Dublin Newsagent’s premises raided and much literature seized. Carrickmacross — Raids on shops.
„ 4— Dublin — Newsagent’s shop raided; literature seized.
„ 5— Clonmel — Raids on newsvendors and seizure of literature. Drogheda, Roscommon, Letterkenny — Raids and literature seized. Dublin — About 60 news shops raided and stock seized.
„ 6— Drogheda — Raids. Carrickmacross — Raids and seizures.
„ 7— Dublin — Shops and houses raided; doors of Art Depot, Glasthule Road, forcibly broken open with sledge hammer. Millstreet, Tullamore, Ballinasloe — Raids and seizures. Belfast — Sinn Fein Club and several shops raided.
„ 9— Kerry — Cuthhertson’s Printing Works raided; literature seized. Youghal — Many raids and seizures. “Dundalk Examiner” raided.
„ 10— Cork, Virginia, Enniscorthy, Longford, Roscommon Raids and seizures.
„ 12— Kilgarvan — Houses raided.
„ 13— Fermoy — Many houses raided.
„ 18— Loughrea, Coalisland — Raids.
„ 19— Arigna — Raids.
„ 20— Carlow — Raids. Mid and S. Tipperary — Delegates searched and names taken when about to select Sinn Fein candidate for Parliament.
„ 21— Dublin — Art Depot raided and literature seized. Naas — Raids.
„ 23— Dungarvan — Raids and literature seizures.
„ 25— Dublin — Art Depot. Mary Street, closed by police.
„ 28— Castlerea Raid.
„ 30— Dundalk, Youghal — Raids.
Oct. 1— Dublin — Newsagent’s raided.
„ 11— Killarney — Raid and seizure.
„ 14— Strabane — Raids.
„ 19— Listowel — Motor cycles seized; Cuthbertson’s Printing Works raided. Ballina — Motor cycles seized from private owners.
„ 21— Strokestown — Raids and seizures. Tallow — Military and police seized Town Hall.
„ 21— Carrick-on-Suir — All Thomas Lynch’s printing machinery seized.
„24— Dublin — Gaelic Press raided and machinery dismantled. Carrickmacross — Raids and seizures.
„ 26— Strokestown — Raids, and motor cycles seized.
„ 28— Ballyconnell — Assistant Co. Surveyor’s motor cycle seized.
„ 30— Birr — Raids.
Nov. 6— Ballinamuck — Raids. Kildare — Farms raided and guns seized.
„ 7— Dublin — Private houses and newsagent’s shop raided. Belfast — Sinn Fein Club raided; literature seized. Letterkenny — Newsagency raided.
„ 13— Cork — Motor cycle and side car seized.
„ 16— Listowel — Raids for arms. Clerks in Civil Service dismissed for refusing to take oath of allegiance.
„ 19— Co. Wicklow — Motor cycles seized.
„ 19— Dublin — Sinn Fein General Headquarters raided.
„ 20— Tullamore — Raids.
„ 21— Youghal — Raids.
„ 22— Castleblayney — Raid and seizure. Killarney — Do. Thurles — Shop raided.
„ 23— Dublin — Raids on private houses.
„ 25— Waterford — Raid and seizure of literature.
„ 26— Limerick — Raids. Boyle — Do. Arklow — Sinn Fein rooms raided.
„ 27— Kells — Private houses raided.
„ 28— Clare — Raids. Mullingar — Sinn Fein rooms. Arklow — Police tear down election posters.
„ 29— N. Tipperary — Sinn Fein election posters torn down by police. Co. Limerick — Raids. Co. Cavan — Raids.
„ 30— Ballyconnell, W. Cavan — Premises of Bernard Rudden. Director of Elections, raided and canvassers books and lists seized. Balbriggan — Police tore down Sinn Fein posters.
Dec. 2— Clara and Kilcormac — Raids.
„ 3— Shannonbridge, King’s Co.— Premises raided.
„ 4— Kells — Election Headquarter’s raided, literature seized. Thurles — Sean O’Byrne’s Election Director of Mid-Tipperary, premises raided and literature seized.
„ 6— N. Tipperary — T. Culligan’s premises raided. Birr — C. Mahon’s premises raided. Roscrea — Rea’s premises raided. Dublin — Gaelic Press raided, election literature seized, and machinery dismantled.
„ 10— N. Donegal Director of Elections motor cycle seized.
„ 12— Mullingar — Police raided Sinn Fein Headquarters.
„ 18— Omagh — Sinn Fein rooms raided.

Mar. 8— Cork — Sinn Fein premises raided.
May 3— Limerick — John McSweeney’s house raided. During next week Sinn Fein flags were everywhere torn down by police.
June 12— Cork — Closure of Sinn Fein Hall.
July 18— Tralee — About fifteen persons summoned for displaying Republican flags.
Aug. 16— Wholesale raids and seizures throughout the country.
Oct. 1— Wexford — Newsagents’ shops raided. Sinn Fein songs seized.
„ 2— Dublin — Newsagents’ shops raided.
Nov. 1— Strokestown and Athlone — Raids and literature seizures.
„ 20— Chapelizod — Arms raids.
Dec. 1— Cork — Police raid and burst open doors of Sinn Fein rooms.


April 2— “Mayo News,” “Clare Champion,” Newcastle-West “Weekly Observer,” King’s County “Independent” — all suppressed. Athlone Printing Works seized.
„ 12— Belfast “Evening Telegraph.”
„ 18 up to April 21st — Twenty-eight Irish papers had their foreign circulation banned.
„ June 5— Drogheda — Machine-guns and military stop Sinn Fein concert.
„13— Listowel — Military and police stop concert.
Aug. 17— Limerick — Raid on “Bottom Dog”; copies and type seized.
„26— “Southern Star” suppressed.
Oct. 12— Dublin “Evening Herald” suppressed.
Dec. 4— Kells — “Meath Chronicle” raided and stopped. Navan — Printing Works of Davis and Sons dismantled.
„ 14— “Galway Express” suppressed.
„ 17— T.D. Smith’s Printing Works closed.
„ 23— “Ballina Herald” suppressed. Macroom — M. Doyle’s Printing Works raided and dismantled.

Jan. 11— Military stopped film of “Ireland a Nation.”
July 19— “Kilkenny People.” All machinery, etc., seized “The Factionist,” Limerick, suppressed.
Aug. 2— “Irish Republic,” Limerick, suppressed.

Feb. 23— Sir B. Mahon prohibits carrying of arms in Ireland.
Mar. 2— Severe martial law general throughout Clare.
April 25— D.O.R.A. Regulation re internment and restriction of the movements of persons of “hostile” origin extended to Ireland.
June 15— Cities of Cork and Limerick; Counties of Cork, Limerick, Clare, Galway, Kerry, King’s Co., Longford. May, Queen’s County, Sligo, Tyrone, Tipperary, Westmeath, proclaimed.
„ 17— Prohibition of meetings and processions extended.
„ 24— Newry meeting proclaimed. Tralee and District specially proclaimed.
July 1— Many meetings proclaimed.
„ 4— All Irish meetings proclaimed.
„ 9— Wholesale proclamations of fairs, sports, meetings, etc.
Aug. 28— Clare — All citizens ordered indoor from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Licensed premises closed 8 p.m.
„ 31— Publication prohibited of meetings held without permit.
Oct 4— Galway — O’Sheehan’s benefit concert suppressed by police. West Riding of Cork made special military area; no one allowed to enter without permits.
Nov. 11— Dublin — Volunteer dance proclaimed.
„ 25— Limerick, Tipperary and Cork celebrations prohibited
„ 29— Tramore — Concert in aid of election funds prohibited.

July 30— No uniforms to be worn and no sticks carried.


Jan. 9— Christopher Whelan Mullingar.
„ 14— Frank Murphy Limerick.
„ 21— J. Dowling. Portarlington.
„ 28— W. Moody. P. Green, J. Connell, J. McNamara. Kilrush.
Feb. 7— Twenty-three young men East Clare.
„ 8— N. Finn, T.W. Scanlan. J.P. Cregan, P. Gallagher, F. Scully. County Sligo.
„ 8— J. Pallas, J. McDermott. M. Roddy. Near Fermoy.
„12— Cornelius McCarthy. Charleville.
„ 12— Joseph Culhane, John Hickey, Daniel McCarthy, John Cronin, Denis Foley. Charleville.
„ 12— Michael Wall. Dublin.
„ 13— John Mulqueen, John M’Namara Ennis.
„ 13— Twenty-eight men. Dublin.
„ 15— John Maloney, Michael Doyle. Limerick.
„ 18— Pat Harneddy. Cork.
„ 22— B. McNamara. E. Grace Clare.
„ 25— T. Cummins, D. McCormack, — Kane, L. Farrell, W. Heffernan, J. Gullian. County Kildare.
„ 25— D. Keefe. Clare.
„ 27— Sean Treacey. Tipperary — re-arrested.
„ 28— A. McCabe, E. Brady, E. Killeen, B. Kearey, T. Cardley, P. Farry, P. Roger, T. Langan. Sligo.
„ 29— Michael Brennan. Clare.
„ 29— Thomas Derring, Thos. Kittrick. Mayo.
Mar. 1— Brennan, P. Connor. Meelic — re-arrested at Killaloe.
„ 2— Seamus O’Neill, Eamon O’Dwyer. Cashel.
„ 2— Martin Corry. Glanmire.
Date doubtful — M. Murphy, J. Malley, W. Cox, T. Frazer, T. Grady, M. Davitt. Clare.
„ 4— Colivet, — Maclnerney. Limerick — re-arrested.
„ 3— George Plunkett, J.J. Feely, J.J Turbitt, P.J. Delahunty, J.F. Harran. Boyle.
„ 5— Colm O’Gavia. Spiddal.
„ 6— Two men named Moroney. Listowel.
„ 6— Frank Thornton. Dundalk.

Mar. 6— T.J. Lynch, P. McCormack, J. Lennane. Ennis.
„ 7— M. O’Donoghoe, G. Bartley, M. Ward, J. Bailey. Faykeragh.
„ 9— Walkinson, E. Hughes, J.P. Berrills, P. Martin, G. Fitzsimons. Cork.
„ 9— E. Moane. Carrowbawn.
„ 12— P. Donnelly, J. Toal, V. Hughes, P. Flynn. Dundalk.
„ 12— B. Hickey. Ballindereen.
„ 13— Three men. Ballindereen.
„ 13— T. Duignan, M. Lynch, T. Keaveny, T.P. McNabola, J. Murray, M. Carter. Co. Leitrim.
„ 13— Michael Murray, J. Hassett, J. Brooks, J. O’Reilly, P. Clune, T. Delahunty, M. Flannery, J. Hayes, P. M’Kee, John O’Connor, D. Foley, James O’Connor, J. Lawler, J. Stack, C. Fitzgerald. Ennis.
„ 13— — O’Brien, — Denan, — Ahern. Ennis.
„ 13— Capt. T. Ruane. Ballina.
„ 13— T. Byrne, T. Fennell, E. Broderick, M. Keefe. Queen’s County.
„ 13— J. Hughes, C. Mullen, P. Murtagh. At Dundalk.
„ 13— T.M. Russell. Tullamore.
„ 13— M. Gilhool, M. Clarke, P.J. Brady, J. Leonard, J. May, J. Dooney. Sligo.
„ 13— S. Burke, T. Higgins, M. Brennan, J. Beirne, P. Brennan. Castlerea.
„ 14— M. Eustace, M. Butler, L. Ryan, J. Carew. Thurtes.
„ 14— Fourteen young men. Clare.
„ 14— T. McSweeney. Cork.
„ 14— Seumas Ledden. Limerick.
„ 14— T. O’Sullivan (re-arrested). Cork.
„ 14— J. Brady. Cork.
„ 14— T. O’Connor, J. O’Connor. Dublin.
„ 15— T. Duffy, T.F. Rogers. Tipperary.
„ 15— E.C. Fleming. Trim.
„ 15— P. Gardner, J. Lafferty, P. O’Loghlen, H.J. Hunt, M. O’Brien, P. Keefe. Doolin.
Mar. 15— T. Keogh, J. Giblin, M. Healy, M. Fully, F. Fitzmaurice, M. Keogh. Kilmore.
„ 15— D. Lyons (re-arrested). Kanturk.
„ 15— E. Grace. Limerick.
„ 15— S. McDonald, T. Monaghan, M. O’Dea. Claremorris
„ 16— Six men. Kinsale.
„ 16— James Layng. Portumna.
„ 16— J. Scanlan. Killaloe.
„ 18— J. Ring, Drummindoo. Westport.
„ 18— T. Ketterick, E. Gavin, W. O’Malley. At Westport.
„ 18— R. M’Kee, O. Traynor, A. Henderson, P.E. Sweeney, C. Lynch, Eamonn O’Mahony. Santry.
„ 18— T. Lynch. Kinsale.
„ 18— M. Murray, J. O’Reilly, James Howard, G. Brooks, Joseph Howard, J. Hasset, P. Clune. Kinsale.
„ 18— T. Layng. G. Bartley, P. Bartley, M. King. W. Connelly. A. Higgins. P. Clears. Galway.
„ 19— P. Meagher, P. Harty. Nenagh.
„ 20— M. Turbudy, — Breen, — Honan, Killoughery. Near Kilrush.
„ 30— T. Moran, J. Carty, J. Connolly, E. Doyle, E. Ryan, J.J. Doyle, M. McHugh, M. Cullen, B. Moran, P. Duignan (Keadue), P. Duignan (Derrynisky) Boyle.
„ 21— Edward Quinlan, of King’s Co. Templemore.
„ 21— M. Brady, P. Keane. Ennis.
„ 21— Horan, H. Horgan. Tralee.
„ 21— Roche. Newcastle-West.
„ 21— E. Quinlan. Near Roscrea.
„ 21— T. Walsh, P. Kennedy, D. Jeffers. Tralee.
„ 23— L. Ginnell. Dublin.
„ 25— Thomas Gilhooly. Boyle.
„ 25— Michael McCarthy, Cornelius Ahern. Dunmanway.
„ 26— Michael Cahir, J. Murphy. Clare.
„ 26— Michael Cane. Clare.
„ 26— P.C. O’Mahony. Waterford.
„ 27— Frank Cahill, P.J. Brennan. Co. Clare.
„ 12— M.J. Higgins, P. Cassidy, L. Beirne, P. Moran. Castlebar.
Mar. 27— Ignatius O’Callaghan. Cork.
„ 28— J. Hickey. Cornelius M’Carthy (re-arrested). Charleville.
„ 28— John Hourihan. Tallon.
„ 28— Myles Redmond. Wexford.
„ 30— Michael Leahy. Queenstown.
„ 30— Martin Hegarty. Fahardane.
April 1— P. Whelan. Dungarvan.
„ 1— James Walsh. Coachford.
„ 1— Francis Aiken. Newry.
„ 1— Patrick Morris. Clara.
„ 1— Timothy Higgins. Ballinagore.
„ 1— E. Barry, D. Fealy, D. Flaherty, J. Keiley. Listowel.
„ 2— Daniel O’Brien, John Downey, Thomas Hickey. Cashel.
„ 3— J. MacDonagh. Clara.
„ 3— Michael Collins. Dublin.
„ 3— Pat Deve, J. Robinson. Tipperary.
„ 3— Wm. Roche, David Dwane, Robert Lewis. Mitchelstown.
„ 3— Thomas J. Fitzgerald. Tarbert.
„ 3— Michael Reynolds (re-arrested). Dunleer.
„ 4— C. O’Brien, T. O’Shaughnessy. Newcastle-West.
„ 4— John Gaynor. Nenagh.
„ 4— Thomas Kenny. Portroe.
„ 4— James J. Maddly. Nenagh.
„ 4— John O’Shea. Midleton.
„ 6— James McEvilly, J.F. Finnerty. Westport.
„ 6— James Brislane. Charleville.
„ 8— James Grace, Aodh MacNeill, — Powell Dublin.
„ 8— Matthew Pope. Dublin.
„ 8— Michael Wyse. Dungarvan.
„ 8— P. Sharry, P. Riordan, J. Brosnan. Killarney.
„ 8— Bertie Shouldice. Dublin.
„ 8— Lawrence Lardner. Galway.
„ 9— George Plunkett (re-arrested). Sligo.
„ 9— B. Ryan. Bundoran.
„ 10— Pat Donohoe, of Toomevara. Templemore.
„ 11— John Walsh. Thos. Donoghue. Ennis.
„ 11— J. M’Kenna, Daniel McGovern and two sons, Daniel and John; Wm. Moore. Athboy.
April 11— Pierce Beasley. Dublin.
„ 13— George Stokes. Dungarvan.
„ 13— Frank McGrath. N. Tipperary — re-arrested
„ 15— Thomas O’Grady. Listowel.
„ 15— David Kent. Fermoy.
„ 15— Sean Barry. Tullamore.
„ 15— McGuinness. Kilbeggan.
„ 15— M.J. Lennon. Dublin.
„ 16— G. McAuliffe. Newcastle-West.
„ 16— John Walsh, Cornelius Gordon, Daniel Sheehy. Kiltimagh.
„ 16— Wm. McHugh. Claremorris.
„ 16— Richard Murphy, Wm. Keefe. Cork.
„ 17— Brothers Cotter. Dublin.
„ 17— Francis and Michael Whitney (of Drumlish), Paul Smith, John McKeown, James Sloan, Terence McCabe. At Longford.
„ 17— P. Hoban, L. Sheridan, P. Golden, J. Horkan, J. Chambers, J. Carney. Castlebar.
„ 19— J. Clarke. King’s County
„ 23 and 24— P. Macken, J. O’Hanton, P. Kieran. Crossmaglen.
„ 23 and 24— P. Smith, John M’Keon, James Sloan, Terence McCabe, Philip Smith, W. McEntee, D. Fay, P. Rea. Cootehill.
„ 25— Diarmuid Lynch. Re-arrested and deported to America.
May 1— Michael Oge O’Sullivan. Dublin.
„ 2— Wm. Pedlar, John Gascoigne, Austin Stack. Blackrock.
„ 6— Broderick. Dungarvan.
„ 6— Pat Byrne. Tullow.
„ 7— James A. Bourke, B.L. Roscrea.
„ 8— Bernard and Michael Dee, E. Kirby. Dungarvan.
„ 10— Finian Lynch. Dublin — re-arrested.
„ 11— McCarthy, Murphy, — Noonan. Charleville district.
„ 13— Charles McCarthy. Wexford.
„ 17— J. McKenna, Chairman Kerry Co. C. Kerry.
April 11— Pierce Beasley. Dublin.
„ 13— George Stokes. Dungarvan.
„ 13— Frank McGrath. N. Tipperary — re-arrested
„ 15— Thomas O’Grady. Listowel.
„ 15— David Kent. Fermoy.
„ 15— Sean Barry. Tullamore.
„ 15— McGuinness. Kilbeggan.
„ 15— M.J. Lennon. Dublin.
„ 16— G. McAuliffe. Newcastle-West.
„ 16— John Walsh, Cornelius Gordon, Daniel Sheehy. Kiltimagh.
„ 16— Wm. McHugh. Claremorris.
„ 16— Richard Murphy, Wm. Keefe. Cork.
„ 17— Brothers Cotter. Dublin.
„ 17— Francis and Michael Whitney (of Drumlish), Paul Smith, John McKeown, James Sloan, Terence McCabe. At Longford.
„ 17— P. Hoban, L. Sheridan, P. Golden, J. Horkan, J. Chambers, J. Carney. Castlebar.
„ 19— J. Clarke. King’s County
„ 23 and 24— P. Macken, J. O’Hanton, P. Kieran. Crossmaglen.
„ 23 and 24— P. Smith, John M’Keon, James Sloan, Terence McCabe, Philip Smith, W. McEntee, D. Fay, P. Rea. Cootehill.
„ 25— Diarmuid Lynch. Re-arrested and deported to America.
May 1— Michael Oge O’Sullivan. Dublin.
„ 2— Wm. Pedlar, John Gascoigne, Austin Stack. Blackrock.
„ 6— Broderick. Dungarvan.
„ 6— Pat Byrne. Tullow.
„ 7— James A. Bourke, B.L. Roscrea.
„ 8— Bernard and Michael Dee, E. Kirby. Dungarvan.
„ 10— Finian Lynch. Dublin — re-arrested.
„ 11— McCarthy, Murphy, — Noonan. Charleville district.
„ 13— Charles McCarthy. Wexford.
„ 17— J. McKenna, Chairman Kerry Co. C. Kerry.
May 25— Michael O’Hara. Aughamore; M. Deenleavy, Matt. Rudden, L. McGerr, Killasowna. Sligo.
„ 28— M.J. Dobbyn. Belfast.
„ 30— Thomas Larkin. Larvagh.
„ 30— Pat Egan, James White. Ferbane.
„ 30— James R. Hayes. R.D.C. Glen of Aherlow.
June 1— Martin Lacken. Ballina.
„ 1— Seventeen men. Clara.
„ 1— Joseph Keane and thirty-two other members of the Limerick Guardians. Limerick.
„ 3— Philip Dunne, James Ryan, W. Hayes. Thurles.
„ 3— Three men. Craughwell.
„ 4— J.J. Waldron, J.P. Connolly. P.E. Dwyer, Patk. Geoghegan, Matt Connolly, Jas. Hartigan. Tuam.
„ 4— Martin Costelloe. James Wall, J. Henehan, John Molloy. Cummer.
„ 4— Bernard G. Thompson, Michael Gilman (Boy Scouts) Carrick-on-Suir.
„ 4— Martin O’Connell, W. M’Carthy, Daniel Mahoney, junr.; Patk. H. Loughnane. Thurles.
„ 4— Thomas Mavinan (boy). At Kilkee.
„ 4— James Duggan, Timothy Crowe, Michael Looby, Thomas Ryan, James O’Connell, Thos. Ryan (Bohercrowe). Tipperary.
„ 4— Wm. B. Thompson (aged 16). Carrick-on-Suir.
„ 6— Edward Kennedy, E. O’Leary. Nenagh.
„ 6— Simon J. Malone, J.P. Rathangan.
„ 6— James Coffey, J.P. Kildare.
„ 7— B. O’Brien, J. Shane, P. Sullivan, T. Sullivan, J. Connors, H. Corrigan, P. Delahunty, M. Kenny, J. Mulrooney — all Pipers’ Band, Birr Hurling Club. Also these followers of the band:— T. Dolan, M. Noonan, D. Hogan, W. Reid, J. Dunne. Birr.
„ 7— W.J. Doherty, Bertie Mahon, John Mason, Charles Manogue, Thos. Slevin, Michael Rafferty. Strokestown.
„ 7— Patk. Costelloe, John Dunne, Philip Stackpool, John Holley, Maurice Hayes. Glin.
June 3— Healy, Jones. Longhill
„ 8— Peter O’Loughlan, Austin Geraghty. Ennis.
„ 8— John O’Donoghue. Cahir.
„ 8— Michael Burns. Queenstown
„ 10— Edward Ryan (Cappawhite), John Ryan. Clouganhue.
„ 11— Samuel O’Flaherty. Donegal.
„ 12— John Kavanagh. Arklow.
„ 12— John Traynor, M. Mooney. Wicklow.
„ 13— James Dillon, Peter Mulligan. At Dundrum.
„ 13— Tom Walsh. Mitchelstown
„ 13— Michael Kirby. Cavan.
„ 13— J. Lynch. Bailieboro’.
„ 13— Miss Annie McDonnell. Virginia.
„ 13— Henry Fitzsimons. Virginia.
„ 13— John Pergal. Elphin.
„ 14— Thomas Hardy, Chris. Scully, J. Taylor. Kerry.
„ 14— John Robinson. At Clara.
„ 14— Cyril Keogh. At Liverpool.
„ 15— J. Clancy, T. Brehony. Ballygar.
„ 15— Paul Scully, Joe Taylor. Killorglin.
„ 17— Robert Browne, — Carmody. Tralee.
„ 17— John P. Sammon, Martin Malley, Pat Burke, M. Malley. Louisburgh.
„ 18— James McGuill. Dundalk.
„ 18— John Gavin. Castlebar.
„ 18— W. Hoolan. Near Nenagh
„ 20— Pat Ennis, — O’Connor, — Scally, — Campion. King’s County.
„ 21— James McDonnell, Co.C. Rathkeale.
„ 21— Michael O’Brien, — Butler. Mallow.
„ 24— Robert Slane. Sixmilecross.
„ 24— Joseph Carroll, Michael White. Thurles and Cappawhite
„ 24— V. Hardy. Foxford.
„ 24— James Dunne. Cork.
„ 25— J. Martin, Lewis Downes, — Baker. Westmeath.
„ 25— J.J. Keane, Wm. Cullen. Dublin.
„ 25— James Dunne. Cork.
„ 28— Wm. Sears, W. O’Leary Curtis. Dublin.
„ 28— Pat Dineen. Cork.
„ 28— P. O’Donnellan. Sligo.
June 28— Dr. Ferrin. J.P. Foxford.
July 1— Michael Dennehy. Thurles.
„ 1— John Porter, Michael Berry. Near Castlederg.
„ 2— Michael Greene. Kilkee.
„ 2— John Dardis. Dundalk.
„ 3— Michael D. Nugent. Armagh.
„ 3— Culligan. Tipperary.
„ 3— D. Dally. Kerry.
„ 5— Emmett McAuliffe. Dublin.
„ 5— John Moynihan. Tralee.
„ 6— Joe McDonnell. Nenagh.
„ 6— Pat Norris, Joseph Lynch, Leo McKenna. George’s Cross.
„ 7— Thomas Kennedy. Nenagh.
„ 8— Paul Galligan. Co. Cavan.
„ 9— Andrew J. Mulhall. Dublin.
„ 10— Michael Kelleher. Millstreet.
„ 10— Matt Boylan, M.J. Conifrey, John Nangle, Joseph Nangle, Wm. Fitzpatrick, John Allen, Michael Finn. Drumshambo.
„ 10— P.C. O’Mahony. Belfast — re-arrested and deported.
„ 11— P O’Keefe, W. Fitzgerald, T. O’Dwyer, P. Lacy, E. O’Reilly. Thurles — For giving their names in Irish.
„ 12— John Hill (warrants issued for sixteen others). Kingstown, Dublin.
„ 13— Matt. Cullen, Peter Lott, John O’Brien, Patrick Jordan, Thos. Kavanagh, Bertie Reilly, A. Byrne. Arklow.
„ 13— All members — ten in number — of Coiste Ceanntair Gaelic League. All arrested for giving names in Irish. Thurles.
„ 12— Frank McGuinness. Belfast — re-arrested and deported.
„ 17— Pat Casey, Edward Hayes. Templemore.
„ 17— M O’Donnchadha. Cloughjordan — For giving his name in Irish.
„ 18— J.P. Cassidy (of Dublin). Arklow.
„ 18— Murray, Leary, Pierce Byrne, John Radford, Pat Parle, Jos. M’Carthy (aged 13). Wexford — (For taking part in a concert at which national songs were sung)
„ 18— James Dunne. Tallow.
„ 18— John Lane. Kilmore.
„ 18— Joseph Flaherty. Strokestown.
July 18— Four men. Dundrum.
„ 18— William Tobin and two other Boy Scouts. Dublin.
„ 18— Jack Sheehan. Claremorris.
„ 18— E.A. Morkan, Frank and Eamonn Bulfin. Birr — Deported.
„ 18— Joseph MacDonagh. Belfast — re-arrested and deported.
„ 23— Eight men arrested at a dance. Tipperary.
„ 23— W. McDonnell. Nenagh.
„ 23— Thomas Keane, Michael Talty, John McCarthy, Frank Marrinan, John Barry, Michael Skeahern, Pat Prendergast, Wm. Hynes, Gerard Fahey, Fred Barry, Bertie Marrinan. Kilkee.
„ 24— Thos. McGrath, Pat Keating, Pat Keating (2). Tipperary.
„ 24— James McGrath, — Deelan, — Foley. Youghal.
„ 27— Felix Feeghan, M.L. Murphy, James M’Ardle, Hugh Mines, Pat Maguire, Wm. M’Cormack. Crossmaglen.
„ 29— Frank Grady, Jos. Doonan. Kerry.
„ 30— E.J. M’Crann. Strokestown.
„ 30— Michael M’Mahon. Birr.
„ 30— Pat Fulham and eight Boy Scouts. Newbridge.
„ 30— Michael Gaynor. Nenagh — For cycling to a dance which he did not know had been proclaimed.
Aug. 2— James Hickey. Tipperary.
„ 7— Frank and Joseph Reed. Queenstown.
„ 8— P. Small, U.D.C.; John Lynch. Belturbet.
„ 8— Robert Morrow. M. Behill. Ballyhaire.
„ 8— Mrs. Sheehy Skeffington. Dublin.
„ 12— Thos. O’Donnell, John O’Donnell Clare — For crossing the Shannon in a row-boat into Clare to buy cattle.
„ 12— Tim Cullinan. Ennis.
„ 13— Thos. Duff, Michael Kelly. Swords.
„ 16— M. Quinlan, U.D.C. Tralee.
„ 16— M. Kennedy. Nenagh.
„ 16-19— Pat Murphy. Bray.
„ 16-19— M. Costello. Clondalkin.
„ 16-19— P.J. Carroll. Ballinasloe.
Aug 16-19— Timothy Killeen. Galway.
„ 16-19— J.J. Hassett. Drom.
„ 16-19— James Duggan, John Hynes. Templetuohy.
„ 16-19— John Curran. Letterkenny.
„ 16-19— Jos. Devine, Eugene Gormley. Tyrone.
„ 16-19— Michael Ryan. Hospital.
„ 16-19— Wm. Kellegher, Jas. Baxter, J. Butcher, Pat Dolphin, Terence Brady, Pat Drum. Ballyconnell.
„ 16-19— Thos. Sheehy. Kiltimagh.
„ 16-19— Francis Phillips. Tipperary.
„ 17— Joseph Brennan. Claremorris.
„ 17— J.W. Kenny, B.L. Miltown-Malbay.
„ 17— F. Phillips. Cashel.
„ 17— J.J. O’Byrne. Athy.
„ 17— James Crowley. Listowel.
„ 17— John R. Treacy. Sligo.
„ 17— John Moylett. Ballina.
„ 17— Pat Melvin. Ballina.
„ 17— Peter McCann, B.A.; Robert Kelly, Robert Kelly (2). Newry.
„ 17— C. Daly. Mullingar.
„ 20— James Mulcahy Lyons. Clonmel.
„ 20— Richard Tracey. Tipperary.
„ 20— Michael Sammon, T. Stapleton. Kildare.
„ 20— P. Gaffney. Carlow.
„ 21— James Byrne. Wexford.
„ 22— John Grogan. Ballyhaunis.
„ 23— Arthur O’Connor. Spiddal — Deported.
„ 23— Mrs. Molly Sheehan. Crossmolina.
„ 24— F. Thornton, T. Ryan. At Belfast — Re-arrested and Deported.
„ 24— Byrne. Ballycullane.
„ 24— Denis Cotter. Upton Park.
„ 26— Charles Hurley. Berehaven.
„ 27— Michael J. McNamara, Peter Garahan, — Lavin. Strokestown.
„ 28— Roger McCormack. Galbally.
„ 28— James Divine, Michael Kelly. Loughrea.
„ 28— Daniel McCarthy, Tim M. Connor, Wm. McSweeney, Tim Leahy. Castleisland.
„ 28— Richard Brown. Macroom.
„ 28— Henry Shiels. Galway.
Aug. 29— J.J. Layng — searched and released Portumna.
„ 29— Two girls for giving names in Irish. Clonmel.
„ 30— L. Ginnell — Re-arrested and deported. Dublin.
„ 30— James Daly. Castlebar.
„ 31— Ignatius O’Neill, Alex. O’Neill. Miltownmalbay.
„ 31— J. Wexted. Newport.
„ 31— J. Deegan. Wexford.
Sept. 2— James Lennon. Borris.
„ 2— Joseph Smith. Co. Cavan.
„ 2— Thomas and Laurence O’Brien. Kilcock.
„ 3— Thomas O’Donohue. Toomevara.
„ 4— John Moloney. Limerick.
„ 5— Thomas Corrigan. Enniskillen.
„ 6— Terence M’Swiney — re-arrested and deported. At Belfast.
„ 6— A. Fitzgerald. Killenaule.
„ 6— Charles Daly. Tralee.
„ 7— Jack Morrow. Dublin.
„ 7— J. M. Murphy, Peter O’Brien. Castletownbere.
„ 9— Edmond O’Brien. North Wall, Dublin, for giving his name in Irish to the Military.
„ 9— Denis Curran. Keady — Like offence.
„ 10— Daniel Drumigan, Pat Fitzpatrick, John Morgan, Pat Lenagh. Keady — At a dance.
„ 10— Joseph McAree, Patrick Redmond, Barney McNally, Peter McGinn. Castleblayney.
„ 11— Thos. Beechinor, Jas. Maloney, C. Murphy, John O’Brien, John O’Brien (2), Andrew Walsh, Francis O’Sullivan. Bandon.
„ 12— Sean Byrne, Labour Organiser. Kilkenny.
„ 14— Pat M’Breaty, Colm McGill, Pat McGrade, Cornelius Boyle. Strabane.
„ 16— Owen O’ Duffy, Daniel Hogan. Clones — For leading procession of cyclists.
„ 18— John O’Driscoll, Christopher O’Connell, Michael Foley, Peter Harrington. Cork.
„ 19— James O’Kelly. Cork.
„ 19— Jas. McGilligan, Patk. McCloskey, Bernard McLoughlin. Derry
Sept. 19— Malachy Hogan (aged 14) Philipstown.
„ 19— Wm. Allen. Tipperary.
„ 20— Daniel McCarthy. Dublin.
„ 23— E. Fleming. Belfast — Re-arrested and deported.
„ 23— Pat O’Neill. Eyeries.
„ 23— Miss French Mullen, Mrs. Sheehy Skeffington, Helena Moloney, Marian Dorgan, Evelyn O’Brien. Dublin.
„ 27— Eighteen young men. Dublin.
„ 27— John O’Hare. Newry.
„ 27— Dominick F. Fitzgerald, J. Gennings, Michael O’Hara, Hugh Pollock, James Monaghan. Newry.
„ 28— Wm. Breslin, J. McDevitt, Bernard Brown, Pat Magee. Derry.
„ 30— P.J. Cahill, of Tralee. Dublin.
Oct. 2— James Murray. Ballyshannon.
„ 2— Frank Maynes, S. Mills, James Flanagan. Daniel Quinn. Strabane.
„ 3— Patrick O’Growney. Trim.
„ 3— Frank McGrath. Belfast.
„ 4— Patrick O’Shea, Martin Collins. Carrigaholt.
„ 4— A. Merrick, and fourteen other youths, also about same time. Ballina.
„ 5— John Wetteroe, street singer. Tipperary.
„ 11— James and Michael Boland. King’s County.
„ 11— James Gallagher. Strabane.
„ 17— Jas. Stringer, Hugh McGuire, Bertie Munday, Edward Mulvany. Clones.
„ 22— Daniel Galvin. Millstreet.
„ 22— Charles Hurley. Cork — Re-arrested
„ 22— Pat Malvey, Mortimer M’Carthy Berehaven.
„ 22— Pat. Clarke, Peter Clarke, Pat McNamee. Omagh.
„ 26— Michael Sheehan, John O’Shea, Edward Keefe, James Kelly, Edward Nolan. Dundrum.
„ 26— James Ryan. Strokestown.
„ 26— Richard S. Moynihan. Cork.
„ 26— Lucey. Ballyvourney.
„ 28— Eamonn O’Dwyer. Belfast.
„ 29— P. Manahan. Ballylanders.
Oct. 29— Pat Ruane, Pat Duggan, — Carden, Michael Keegan. Jos. Connell, Denis Sheeran, J. Moyes, John Kilker, James Forde, John Broderick, Stephen Hannon. Ballina.
„ 30— Neven. Kilcormac.
Nov. 1— Rogers. — Gallagher, — Snow. Baltinglass.
„ 3— Mairghread ni Fhaodagain, Caitlin nic an Bhreitimh. Dublin — Selling flags and giving name in Irish.
„ 5— Denis McNellis, D. Kelliher, Misses S. Walsh, Nora Murphy, Mary O’Flynn. Cork.
„7— — Nestor, — Rourke. England.
„7— John Clarke, Michael J. Patten. Frank Gordan, Hy. Waters. P.K. Burke, John Green, Michael Clarke. Ballina.
„ 11— P.J. Duignan. Carrick-on-Shannon.
„ 13— John Mahon. Birr.
„ 15— John Glanville. Queenstown.
„ 18— John Hourihane. Skibbereen.
„ 19— Misses Sharkey (2). Strokestown.
„ 19— Patrick Hunt and Pat Magee. Dublin.
„ 19— Bob Brennan. Dublin — Deported Nov 25.
„ 35— T. Fitzgerald. Tarbert.
„ 35— Mrs. Keerans, Thomas Moynes. Crossmaglen.
„ 26— Peter Ryan, Drumbane. Thurles.
„ 27— John Moran. Limerick.
„ 28— Peter Ryan. Thurles.
„ 29— James Power, Wm. Healy, M. Carroll, J. Carroll. Co. Tipperary.
„ 29— R. Fox. King’s County.
„ 30— T. Walsh. Tralee.
Dec. 1— Wm Tannam. Dundrum.
„ 1— Three brothers Walsh. Tullow.
„ 3— Patrick J. M’Larnon, Harry Loughran, Francis O’Grady, John O’Neill. Tullow.
„ 12— Fitzgerald.— For giving his name in Irish. Rathdrum.
„ 12— Joseph Kennedy. Castlepollard.
„ 13— Hy. Meany. Limerick.
„ 19— Humphrey O’Sullivan, A.J. Moynihan. Killarney.
„ 20— Pat O’Keefe, James Leahy, — Maher. Thurles.
Dec. 21— John Conroy, P. Lyons, W. Darcy. Tralee.
„ 24— John Sharry, Thos. Reidy. Kerry.
„ 28— Daniel Healy. Tralee.

Jan. 8— James Ryan, W. Moran. Limerick.
„ 30— Vincent O’Doherty. Derry.
„ 31— Sean Milroy, G. A. Lyons, — Houlihan. Dublin.
Feb. 3— Frank O’Shaughnessy, Laurence McKeown, P. Mclnerney, M. Murphy, Michael Doyle. Limerick
„ 8— Joseph Gahan, Thos. McGrath. Dublin.
„ 8— Thos. Fogarty. Dublin.
„ 8— John Dorgan. Cork.
„ 23— J.J. O’Kelly, Sean T. O’Kelly. Herbert J. Mellows, Peter Healy, W. Pedlar, Darrell Figgis, Michael Foley. Dublin.
„ 23— W.P. Manahan, M. P. Collivet, James McInerney, J. O’Hurley. Limerick.
„ 23— Dr. P. McCartan. Tyrone.
„ 23— Michael Brennan. Clare.
„ 23 — Terence McSwiney. Cork.
„ 23 — Thos. Curtin, Sean Nolan. Cork.
„ 23 — P. O’Hourihan. Skibbereen.
„ 23— M. Thornton, Padraic O’Maille, George Nicholls, B.A. Galway.
„ 23— Joseph McBride. Westport.
„ 23— Richard Murphy. Athenry.
„ 23— William Mullins, Jos. Melinn. Tralee.
„ 24— James O’Doherty. Dublin.
„ 24— Michael J. O’Connor. Tralee.
„ 24— Michael J. Moriarty. Dingle.
„ 27— James J. Dobbyn. Dingle.
Mar. 1— James Moriarty, John Boyle. Dingle.
„ 21— — Smyth, — Conroy, — Gilligan Dublin.
„ 22— Pat and Thomas Fahy. Longhrea.
„ 23— M. Gahan, H.P. Early, D. Fitzpatrick. Dublin.
April 4— John Lucey, Daniel and William O’Callaghan, Michael Barrett. Cork.
„ 13— Thomas Harte. Dublin.
„ 17— Patrick Higgins, John Healy, James Courtney. Cork.
April 18— Cathal O’Shannon, J. Cusack, J. Barnes, R. Haskins, H. Osborne, D. Turley, S. Herne, J. Dempsey. Belfast.
May 8— — Irwin, — McAllister, James Kelly. Ballaghadereen
„ 15— James Redmond. James Goodall. Enniscorthy.
„ 21— J. O’Sheehan. Loughrea
„ 25— Pat Houlihan. M. Lynch, T. Lawlor, Jas. Breen, M. Breen, Edward Foran, Eyre Stack, N. Foran. Listowel.
„ 10— John O’Grady, Patrick O’Growney, Thomas McGuinness, Jos. Marlin, Bernard McConnell, Pat Casey, John McGurrell, Nicholas Byrne. Athboy.
June 8— Michael Lane. Tulsk.
„ 11— Count Plunkett, Cathal Bruga, John Green, Rody Kelly, Martin Walsh, James Kenny, Thos. Reid. Dublin
July 9— J. Harmon. Dublin.
„ 12— Wm. Jones, P. Curtin, Tim Riordan, J. Cronin. Mallow.
„ 26— Michael Travers, James Lynch, Peter Howley, M. Madden. Gort.
„ 27— Pat Brennan. Ennis.
„ 27— A. and M. Brennan. Meelick.
„ 27— J. Thompson. Ardrahan.
„ 27— James Lynch, T. Fleming. Clarenbridge.
„ 30— John Derrington, John Dowling. Dublin — For giving their names in Irish.
„ 28— Peter Thynne, Peter O’Loghlin. W. Clare.
Aug. 1— James Sullivan, Maurice Beasley, Pat Mulvehill, John Houlihan, James Breen, John Stack. Kerry.
„ 1— Christopher Burke, Thos. Connor, Thos. Murtagh. M. Rourke, Laurence Mongey, Thos. Dyas. Drogheda.
„ 2— Thos. J. Murphy, R.P. Smyth, James Tyrrell. Kilkenny.
„ 2— Frank Drohan, Frank Cooney, Pat Lawlor, Geo. Kiely. Kilmacthomas.
„ 4— James Dunne. Dublin.
„ 6— John McDermott, John Finn, Joseph Tansey. Sligo.
„ 6— Two Dundalk men. Dublin.
„ 6— Six young men. Mullinahone.
Aug. 7— Sean McEntee. Belfast.
„ 8— Terence Magee, H. McElroy, P. McPhillips, B. McEntee. Ballybay.
„ 10— Eighteen men (cattle drive). Castlejordan.
„ 14— J.J. Madigan, J. Griffey, Francis Gallagher. Ennis.
„ 14— Several Volunteers (no names stated). Ballinagh.
„ 14— Austin Stack, J.J. Walsh. At Dublin.
„ 15— Finian Lynch.
„ 16— John Leddy, Joseph and Wm. Breen, Pat Burke, James Callanan. Cooraclare.
„ 16— Edward Barry. Tralee.
„ 16— H.B. Hunt. Co. Clare.
„ 16— Bernard Brennan. Ballymote.
„ 19— James Grehan. Mountbellew.
„ 19— Tom Ashe, Richard Coleman. Dublin.
„ 19— John Burke. Kinvara.
„ 22— Henry Leader. Wexford.
„ 22— James O’Sullivan. Dublin.
„ 24— Michael McHugh. Castlebar.
„ 25— Eamonn O’Dwyer. Cashel.
„ 27— James E. Haskett, Francis McGeough. Omagh.
„ 27— Frank Shinners. Ennis.
„ 27— John Treacey. Tipperary.
„ 28— E.T. Keane. Kilkenny.
„ 29— Wm. McNamara. Ennis.
„ 29— J. Minihan. Of Corofin.
„ 29— Murray. Newmarket-on-Fergus.
„ 31— Joseph McGrath. Dublin.
Sept. 1— John Murnane, Francis Harte. Co. Clare.
„ 10— Keane. Ennis.
„ 17— Thos. Browne. Ennis.
„ 28— Thos. Marriman, J. Callaghan. Ennis.
Oct. 10— Edward O’Kelly. Kilkenny.
„ 15— Forty-nine men and boys. Dublin.
„ 16— Seamus O’Neill, B. Hickey, P. Dwyer. Cashel.
„ 16— James Horgan. Ballybunion.
„ 16— Thomas Derrig, Thos. Kitterick. Westport.
„ 19— Mrs. Sean Hegarty. Cork.
„ 20— D. Sheehan. Of Croom.
Oct. 20— John Carroll. Hospital.
„ 20— John Stack. Ballybunion.
„ 20— Edward Horan. Tralee.
„ 20— Culhane, Ashe, Carthy, Lacey, Mullaly, Tackaberry. Kerry.
„ 25— Dynan. Near Killaloe.
„ 26— P. Ryan. Near Killaloe.
„ 26— M. Beasley, J. Breen. Ballybunion.
„ 27— Pat Hogan. Cashel.
„ 27— James Johnston. Belfast.
„ 30— Pat Cahill, Daniel Healy. Will Mullins, John McGaley, Thos. Foley, James Foley, Maurice Aherne, Martin O’Keefe. Dungourney.
„ 31— F. McGrath. Nenagh.
Nov. 2— Denis Lyons. Kanturk.
„ 2— James O’Keefe. Kilcock.
„ 2— Denis Galvin. Millstreet.
„2— McGoff, — Cotter, — Kenneally. N. Clare.
„ 2— T. Corkerry. Macroom.
„ 2— John Murphy, Robert Longford. Cork.
„ 3— John Keane. Mitchelstown.
„ 5— Jack Rearden, junr.; Pat O’Connor. Cahirciveen.
„ 5— Pat Donoghue. Renard.
„ 5— Laurence Condon. Fermoy.
„ 5— J. McCabe. T. O’Grady. Newtownsandes.
„ 5— James Coleman. Midleton.
„ 7— Sean Hennessy. Ballymoe.
„ 7— Geo. Clancy, M.F. Fitzpatrick, Thos. Pigott. Limerick.
„ 8— Bob Brennan, John Sinnott, Pierce Byrne. Wexford.
„ 8— James Kirby, A. Kivelehan. Limerick.
„ 8— Louis Hogan. Co. Clare.
„ 8— Daniel Jeffers, Michael Fleming, Eugene Hogan. Tralee.
„ 9— James Nolan. Nenagh.
„ 13— Francis Hanagan, Pat O’Flanagan, Thos. Atkens, Michael Kavanagh, Joseph O’Carroll, Pat Farrell, Pat Mooney, Jas. Myers, Stephen Kerwin, Albert Rutherford, James Graham, M. O’Sullivan, Pat McEvoy, Pat Rae. Dublin
Oct. 19— Thos. Burke, Joseph Dodd. Dublin.
„ 19— (Date uncertain) — John Healy, James Courtney, E. Lynch, Tim O’Sullivan, Pat Corkerry. Cork.
„ 20— Michael Leahy, John Stack. Queenstown.
„ 29— Vincent Cassidy. Ardboe, near Belfast.
Dec. 3— Cornelius Meany (re-arrested); Pat Kinnane. Cork.
„ 4— John Derrington. Dublin.
„ 8— James Newell. Brierhill.


Jan. 3— Miss Nora Lisk, Dripsey. Fined £2 for display of Republican flag.
„ 25— Thos. Brennan, near Boyle. One months imprisonment.
„ 30— Jos. Dodd, Dublin. Two months imprisonment.
Feb. 8— Brothers Brady, Co. Clare. Fined 10s. each for drilling.
„ 16— D. Cooney, P. McGrath, P. McInerney, Ennis. Two months hard labour.
„ 16— J. Shallow, Ennis. One month hard labour.
„ 16— Gleeson, Ennis. Two months hard labour.
„ 16— P. Murray, Loughrea. Two months hard labour.
„ 18— James J. Joy, Tralee. One week for collecting for Memorial to Thos. Ashe.
„ 19— Michael Wall, Dublin. One month for collecting for Memorial to Thos. Ashe.
„ 25— Patrick, Michael and William Flynn, P. Fitzgerald, J. Rigney, W. Davis, P.J. Kennedy, E. McEvoy, Maryborough. One month.
„ 27— James J. Corry — O’Carroll, Dublin. Four months.
„ 27— James Burke-Dowling, — Minahan, Christopher O’Reilly, Patrick McDonald, David Walsh, Edward Power, Thomas Sterling, Nicholas Daly, Lawrence Redmond, Pat Shannon, James Daly, Michael O’Connor, Vincent May, Pat Delany, J. Joseph Watson Lake, Michael Malone, Henry Irwin, Michael De Burga, John O’Connor, P. Kelleher, Jeremiah O’Connor, Michael Hewlett, John Cullinan, Pat Molloy, Thos. Garnett, Richard Doyle. Two months for being suspected of drilling.
„ 28— Michael M’Caron, H. M’Caron, P. Tynan, near Clonaslee. Two months.
„ 28— P. Brennan, J Dunne, J. Callaghan, E. Dunne. Two months.
Mar. 5— James Kearns, Boyle. Two months.
„ 5— M. McLoughlin, Boyle. Two months.
„ 5— Joseph Mahon, Stradbally. Two months.
„ 6— Miss M.A. Fives, Bandon. One week.
„ 6— Ten young men (names unknown), Tullamore. One month.
„ 6— J. Lynch, J. Grehane, J. Scully, — Dunne, L. Kane, near Mountmellick. Three months.
„ 7— E. Garvey, E. Robinson, R. Snee, E.A. Coen, T. Mahon. P. McGrath, Frenchpark. One month and two additional in lieu of bail.
Mar 8— Diarmuid Lynch, Dublin. Two months.
„ 8— Pat O’Neill, Dublin. One week.
„ 9— J. Shannon, M. McLoughlin. J. O’Leary, M. McInerney, M. Corry, at Ennis. Two months and one additional instead of bail.
„ 9— J. Lynch, Queen’s County. Two months.
„ 12— Five men (names unknown), Kilbarron. Two months.
„ 14— C. Connaton, T. Lee, H. Connaton, T. Regan, M. O’Hara, J. Brennan, Boyle. One month.
„ 15— E. Moane, Westport. One month and three in place of bail.
„ 15— P. Sheerin, M. Scanlon, T. Higgins, J. Derrig, J.P. Dodd, E. McDonagh, Boyle. Two months.
„ 15— S.P. Sheehy, T. Kelly, P. McMahon, Tralee. Arrested on refusal to pay fine for collecting for Thos. Ashe Memorial.
„ 16— J. Toal, P. Donnelly, P. Flynn, V. Hughes, Dundalk. Two months.
„ 16— G. Fitzsimons, P. Martin, P.J. Berrills, W. Atkinson, E. Hughes, Dundalk. 6 weeks.
„ 16— P. Murtagh, C. Mullen, J. Hughes, Dundalk. One month.
„ 16— McGrath, — McNamara, Ennis. Four months hard labour.
„ 16— Dan Minogue, Ennis. Two months, two additional in lieu of bail.
„ 16— Sheridan, Donal Minogue, Ennis. Two months, hard labour, and one extra in default of bail.
„ 16— J. Hurley, Ennis. Three months hard labour, two more in default of bait.
„ 16— P. St. Leger, M. McNamara, Ennis. Two months hard labour and one in lieu of bail.
„ 18— A. McCabe, B. Brady, Sligo. Three months hard labour and bail, or six months.
„ 18— E. Killeen, B. Keaney, T. Cawley, P. Farry, P. Rogers, T. Langan, Sligo. One month hard labour and six months in default of bail.
„ 18— P. McHugh, Sligo. Two months hard labour bail or six months.
„ 18— P. McGarrigle, Sligo. Bail or six months.
„ 18— A. Conway, Sligo. Two months hard labour and bail or six months.
„ 18— P. Gilmartin, Sligo. Bail or six months.
„ 18— O. Leonard, Sligo. Bail or six months.
Mar.18— J. May, Sligo. Bail or six months.
„ 18— J. Benson, Sligo. One month and bail or six months.
„ 13— F. Beirne, P.J. Mullen, J. Gilgan, J. Fallon, Sligo. Bail or six months.
„ 18— M. Clarke, of Donard. Two months.
„ 18— Five others (names unknown). One month.
„ 18— P. O’Dea, J. Murphy, M. McInerney, Ennis. One month hard labour, and two months in lieu of bail.
„ 19— P. Gardener, D.C.; J. Lafferty, of Doolin; P. O’Loghlin, Liscannon, Ennis. One month hard labour, and two months in default of bail.
„ 19— J. O’Brien, J. Dinan, Ennis. Three months hard labour and three months additional in default of bail.
„ 19— M McKeogh, Ennis. Two months.
„ 19— J. McClancy, Ennis. Three months for entering Clare from Limerick without permit.
„ 19— W. Stewart. Ennis. One month (out during prohibited hours)
„ 19— M. Brady, Ennis. Two months (out during prohibited hours).
„ 19— Gerald Bartley, Clifden. Three months hard labour, and two in default of bail.
„ 19— P. Bartley, P. Cleary, Clifden. Two months hard labour.
„ 19— M. King, A. Higgins. Clifden. Two mouths hard labour.
„ 19— W. Connealy, Clifden. Two months hard labour.
„ 19— J. Brady, of Midleton. Three months
„ 19— O. Traynor, R. McKee, P.E. Sweeney, Dublin. Three months.
„ 19— F. Henderson. Dublin. Two months.
„ 19— C. Lynch, Dublin. One month.
„ 20— H.J. Hunt, Corofin, Ennis. Two months hard labour and one additional in default of bail.
„ 20— E. Casey, Ennis. Three months hard labour, and three additional in default of bail.
„ 20— P. Keefe, Ennis. Three months hard labour, and three additional in default of bail.
„ 20— M. O’Brien, Ennis. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 20— T. Quane (aged 70). Ballina. Seven days.
„ 20— J. Stack, D. Foley, James Connor, J. Lawler, C. Fitzgerald, John Connor, Listowel. One month and one additional in default of bail.
Mar. 20— J. M’Ging, M. Conoby, T. Joyce, Ballinarobe. One month.
„ 21— W. O’Malley, Castlebar. One month and three months in default of bail.
„ 21— M.J. Ring, C. Gavin, W. Malone, T. Kellrick, Castlebar. Six months hard labour and six additional in default of bail.
„ 21— Nine men (names unknown). One month.
„ 21— Four men (names unknown). Two months.
„ 21— B. O’Driscoll, R.D.C., Skibbereen. Three months and 20s. fine.
„ 22— Ernest Blythe, M.P., Cork. Tried by courtmartial for not leaving district in which he was working when ordered to do so, and sentenced to two years; one remitted.
„ 22— J. Duffy, J.T. Rogers, Tipperary. One month hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 22— P. Flanagan, Maryborough. Two months.
„ 22— J. Bennett, W. and P. Kelly, Maryborough. Two months.
„ 23— P. Deire, Donaskeigh. 40s. or one month.
„ 23— Roderick O’Connor, Dublin. One month.
„ 23— P. Maher, P. Harly, Birr. Three months hard labour, and two additional in default of bail.
„ 23— S. Hillery, Ennis. Four months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 23— M. Brady, P. Keane, Ennis. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 23— T. Hehir, — O’Brien, Ennis. Two months.
„ 23— J. Scully, J. O’Dea, Ennis. Two months.
„ 23— M. Kelly, P. Duffy, Ennis. One month and two additional in default of bail.
„ 25— Edward C. Fleming, Trim. Six months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 25— Peter Stewart, Ennis. Three months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 25— Pat Hogan, Ennis. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 25— Edward Stewart, Ennis. Two months.
Mar. 25— John Moloney, Limerick. Nine months (tried by court-martial).
„ 28- Mortimer Turburdy, Ennis. Six months hard labour and six additional in default of bail.
„ 26— Frank Cahill, Clare. Three months for wearing uniform of Irish Volunteers.
„ 26— John Breen, Michael Hillohery, Michael Honan. Kilmihill. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 26— M. Moloney, Feakle. Three months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 28— Pat Sugrue, Thos. Walsh, Pat Kennedy, Daniel Jeffers, M. Fleming, Tralee. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 26— Matthew Butler, M.J. Eustace, Leo Ryan, John Carew, Thurles One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 26— Edward Enright, Pallaskeney. Two months (for singing “seditious choruses.”)
„ 26— Andrew Kerin, Noel Clancy, Pallaskeney. Three months hard labour.
„ 26— John Nestor, Pallaskeney. One month and two additional in default of bail.
„ 27— Pat Gallagher, John Clarke, Wm. Leyden, Francis Jordan, Ballina. Arrested to do four months instead of bail.
„ 27— L. Ginnell, M.P., Dublin. Six months.
„ 28— Wm. Cunningham, Hillstreet (Ross). Three months.
„ 28— W. McDermott, P.J. Neary, Hillstreet (Ross). One month.
„ 28— P. Gannon, Hillstreet (Ross). One month.
„ 28— T. Hannon, T. Moolick, James Keogh, Jos. Giblin, Michael Feely, Michael Healy, Frank Fitzmaurice, Michael Keogh, Hillstreet (Ross). One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 28— Thos. Moran, John Connolly, John J. Doyle, Edward and Batty Moran, Boyle. Moran and Conolly two months and three in default of bail. Others one month and three in default of bail.
„ 28— Thos. Gilhooly, Boyle. Four months and six additional in default of bail.
„ 28— Pat Duignan, Keadue. Four months and six additional in default of bail.
„ 28— Pat Duignan, Dereniskey. Four months and six additional in default of bail.
„ 30— Jos. Hassett, Thos. M Mahon, Ennis. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
Mar. 30— John Griffin, Thos. Kelleher, John Connors, Ennis. One month hard labour.
„ 30— Laurence Loghlen, Ennis. One month hard labour.
„ 30— Thomas Donnellan, Ennis. One month hard labour
„ 30— Michael Cahir, Clare. Four months hard labour and two in default of bail.
„ 30— Michael Keane, Carrigaholt. Four months and two in default of bail.
„ 30— P.J. Neary, Roscommon. One month.
„ 30— Garrett Heaphy, John Nolan, D. Murphy, Jas. Leahy, Listowel. One month.
April 1— Martin Brennan, Patrick Brennan, James Beirne, Bernard Malvehill, Castlebar. One month.
„ 2— Thos. O’Flanagan, Wm. McGinley, Charles Kenny, Dublin. Six months.
„ 2— James Layng, Galway. Two months and three in default of bail.
„ 2— Michael Keegan, Ardnacrusha. Three months.
„ 3— Cornelius O’Leary, Co. Cork. One month hard labour.
„ 3— Edmond Keating, Ballydavid. 61s. or six weeks.
„ 4— Martin Hegarty, Lahardane. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 4— Edward P. Quinlan, of Roscrea. Three months and two in default of bail.
„ 4— Wm. Ryan, Gremanstown; Jas. Devaney, Pallas; Michael Kennedy, Monamona, Templemore. Three months.
„ 4— Pat Riordan, John Brosnan, Cornelius Morley, John Sharry, Killarney. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 4— James Walsh, Coachford. One month.
„ 4— Francis Aiken, Newry. One month.
„ 4— Myles Redmond, Wexford. Twenty-one days.
„ 4— M. O’Kelly, S. Geary, Naas. Seven days.
„ 4— A. Sweeney, T. Whyte, Naas. Seven days.
„ 4— T.J. Williams, Naas. Seven days.
„ 4— James Tyrells, Mountbellew. Fourteen days.
„ 4— John Naughton, Mountbellew. Fourteen days.
„ 4— J. Higgins, Frenchpark. Three months.
„ 4— P. Cassidy, Frenchpark. Three months.
„ 4— James Moran, Frenchpark. Two months.
„ 4— Luke Byrne, Frenchpark. Two months.
„ 6— Timothy Walsh, Ennis. Five months hard labour and further sentence if bail refused.
„ 6— John Moloney, Ennis. Three months and further sentence as above.
April 6— J. Cox, R. Harrison, W. Gleeson, Ennis. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 6— John McMahon, J. Walsh, Ennis. Three months hard labour.
„ 6— John Ryan, Ennis. Three months hard labour.
„ 6— Stephen Burke, Elphin. One month.
„ 8— Pat Whelan, Dungarvan. One month.
„ 8— Pat Morris, Clara. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 8— James Brown, Thurles. Three months.
„ 8— D.P. Walshe, James Keating, P. Ryan, Fethard. Three months.
„ 8— Pat Dempsey, M. Hyde, M. Lynch, Kinsale. Four months.
„ 8— John McLoughlin, Matthew J. Clancy, Sligo. Three and four additional in default of bail.
„ 8— James McLoughlin, P. O’Brien, D. Flynn, Jos. Clerkin, Sligo. One month.
„ 9— James Grace, Dublin. Two months.
„ 9— Aodh MacNeill, Dublin. Three months.
„ 9— Mathew Pope, Dublin. Six months and £3 fine (for breaking windows in Rathfarnham police cells where he was lodged).
„ 9— Laurence Lardner, Galway. Four months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 9— James Robinson, Dundrum, Tipperary. Two months and four in default of bail.
„ 9— D. O’Brien, J. Dorney, T. Hickey, Dundrum, Tipperary. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 9— J.J. Madden, Dungarvan. One month.
„ 9— John Francis, James O’Shea, Daniel Mahony, Tralee. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 10— Daniel Collins, Adare; Cornelius O’Brien, Newcastle-West. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 10— M. Leahy, M. Corry, E.J. Hegarty, at Queenstown. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 10— M. Canavan, at Queenstown. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 10— M. J. Hegarty, Frenchpark. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 11— James Breslane, Mallow. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 11— P.C. O’Mahony, P.J. Brennan, Jas. Dawson, Bernard Regan, Donegal. Three months.
April 11— George Plunkett, Boyle. Eight months (three and two months to run concurrently, and three in default of bail).
„ 11— J.J. O’Neill Ballinamuck. Four months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— James McEvilly, John J. Fennirty, of Westport. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Thos. McDonald, James Connor, Michael Gaffney, Meath. Three months.
„ 12— Pierce Beasley. Four months.
„ 13— Michael Quin, Chairman. Ennis R.D.C. Three months hard labour and one additional in default of bail.
„ 13— John O’Shea, of Midleton. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 13— Thomas Cassidy, Frenchpark. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 15— George Stokes, of Dungannon. Two months.
„ 15— Thos. Fox, of Mitchelstown. Two months.
„ 16— Thos. Collins, Wicklow. Six months.
„ 17— Dr. McNabb, Belfast. Two months.
„ 17— Frank McGuinness, Longford. Three months.
„ 17— Wm. Jones, Fermoy. Three months.
„ 18— P. Donohoe, Thos. Devanny, John Gaynor, Wm. Bull. Templemore. Three months.
„ 18— B.J. Mulvehill, Elphin. One month and two additional in default of bail.
„ 18— John McIlhaw, Camlough. Two months.
„ 18— Pat Butterfield, Athboy. Three months hard labour.
„ 18— Daniel and John McGovern, Athboy. Two months.
„ 18— Thomas Fitzgerald, Tarbert. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 19— Thomas Wall, Ennis. Three months.
„ 19— Patrick Doherty, Bundoran. Three months.
„ 20— James Clare, Tullamore. Courtmartialled — Six months.
„ 20— M. Lennon, Dublin. Three months.
„ 20— John Clerham, Ballyglass. One month.
„ 20— Thomas Keefe, Ballyglass. One month.
„ 25— Thomas O’Grady, Listowel. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 25— Francis Whitney, Drumlish. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 27— Thomas Mahon, Frenchpark. Four months.
April 30— Higgins, Elphin. Three months.
May 1— Bernard Friel, Glasgow. Three years penal servitude (trying to bring ammunition to Ireland).
„ 6— Philip Hohan, Castlebar. Two months.
„ 6— Luke Sheridan, Castlebar. Two months.
„ 6— Peter Golden, James Chambers, Castlebar. Six weeks.
„ 6— Wm. Carney, Castlebar. Six weeks.
„ 11— Wm. O’Grady, P. Craven, M. Ronan, P.L. McCarthy, Jos. O’Connor, Wicklow. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 15— Garret M’Auliffe, Limerick. Fourteen days.
„ 16— James A. Burke, M.P., Roscrea. Four months.
„ 17— Francis Gallagher, Letterkenny. One month.
„ 17— Pat Carberry, Letterkenny. Three months and then bail.
„ 20— James Cotter, Dublin. Six months (at Bow Street, London).
„ 20— Kerin Higgins, Joseph Lynch, Tullamore. Three months hard labour (seditious language); men handcuffed from Dublin to Tullamore.
„ 22— J. Doyle, Dublin. Courtmartialled, five years penal servitude.
„ 22— P. Macken, Belfast. Courtmartialled, six months
„ 22— P. McCarthy, Cork. Courtmartialled, eighteen months.
„ 22— P Murphy, Cork. Courtmartialled — Nineteen months hard labour.
„ 22— John Moonan, Cork. Courtmartialled — Twelve months hard labour.
„ 23— James Smullen, Wicklow. Two months.
„ 23— I. O’Grady, Wicklow. 21s. or prison.
„ 29— John A. Gogarty, Cahir. Fourteen days.
„ 29— Michael Lardigan, Cahir. Fourteen days.
„ 30— John Sally, Thomas Burke, Mountbellew. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 30— James Tannam, Mountbellew. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 30— Pat Collins, Mountbellew. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 31— John M’Kenna (Chairman Kerry Co. C.) Court martialled, one year hard labour.
„ June 3— Jas. Falty, Kilkee. Courtmartialled, 2 months.
„ 3— Daniel Brosnahan, Kilkee. Courtmartialled, 2 months.
„ 3— Seventeen men from Clara. One month and bail or two months.
June 5— Wm. Shaw, Stradbally. Courtmartialled — Eighteen months hard labour.
„ 5— James O’Brien, Skibbereen. Courtmartialled — Three months hard labour.
„ 5— Thomas Hayes, Queenstown. Courtmartialied — Two years hard labour.
„ 5— Peter Judge, Michael Feighery, Michael Millid, Wm. Bradley. Two months hard labour.
„ 5— James Queally, Lahinch. Courtmartialled — 112 days hard labour.
„ 7— Edward Kennedy, Templemore. Two months or bail.
„ 7— John Clancy, Mallow. Two months or bail.
„ 8 — Jeremiah Collison, Birr. Six months hard labour, and additional three months in default of bail.
„ 8— Pat Kennedy. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of jail.
„ 10— Gerald Boland, Crooksling. Six months.
„ 10— Pat and Dominick Corbett, Athenry. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail (trying to save brother from arrest).
„ 11— J.J. Waldron, J.P. Connolly, M. Connolly, P. Geoghegan, P. Dwyer, J. Hartigan, J. Molloy, J. Henihan, M. Costelloe, Tuam. Two months hard labour and four additional in default of bail.
„ 11— James Wall, Tuam. Fourteen days hard labour and ditto bail.
„ 11— James Duggan, Dundrum. Two months.
„ 11— John Ryan, Dundrum. Two months.
„ 11— Edward Ryan, Dundrum. Two months.
„ 11— Timothy Crowe, Ardanon. Four months.
„ 11— M. Locky, Newtown. Three months.
„ 11— James O’Connell, Tipperary. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 11— Thomas Ryan, Tipperary. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 12— James Halpin, Adare. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Thomas Wallace, Adare. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Costelloe, Adare. Five months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Dunne, Adare. Five months and three additional in default of bail.
June 13— James A. Hayes, Tipperary. Courtmartialled — 28 days.
„ 13— Wm. Hayes, Tipperary. Courtmartialled — 28 days.
„ 14— Patrick O’Connor, Templemore. Three months.
„ 15— John Walsh, Bernard Coughlan, Bernard Boyle, Louis Darcy, Andrew Cooney, Jas. M’Neal, Patk. Wrafter, Leo Browne, Herbert Barnes, M. Deegan. M. White, Samuel Irwin, John Bannon, Noel Lemass, John Dunne, Thomas Malone, Tim O’Meara, Hugh Holohan, Peter Bermingham, Patk. Madden, John Graham, Jos. Martin. Two months.
„ 15— Peter O’Loghlin, Ennis. Three months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 15— Austin Geraghty, Ennis. Three months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 15— Michael McInerney, Ennis. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 15— P.K. O’Halloran, Ennis. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 15— M.J. Kirby, Cavan. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 15— M.J. Lynch, Cavan. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 15— E. McDonnell, Cavan. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Joseph Keating, Kilrush. Courtmartialled — 23 days.
„ 17— John Robinson, Clara. Four months hard labour.
„ 17— Jones, Adare. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Healy, Adare. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Patrick Loughnane, Thurles. Two months.
„ 17— Daniel Mahoney, junr., Thurles. Two months.
„ 17— W. McCarthy, Thurles. Two months.
„ 19— Jeremiah Clancy, Galway. One month.
„ 19— Thomas Brennan, Galway. One month.
„ 20— Joseph Taylor, junr., Crimes Court, Killarney. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 20— Christopher Scully, Killarney. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 20— Edward O’Leary, Templemore. Three months in default of bail.
June 20— Tim Ryan. Two months in default of bail.
„ 21— Timothy O’Driscoll, Skibbereen. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour (for trying to save his brother from arrest).
„ 21— John Traynor, Avoca. Courtmartialled — Nine months hard labour.
„ 21— Michael Mooney, Avoca. Courtmartialled — Three months hard labour.
„ 21— Thos. K. Hardy, Castlebar. Crimes Court — Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 24— Michael Fitzgerald, Ennis. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 24— Charles Clune, Ennis. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 25— W.L. Keary, Dublin. Three months.
„ 25— Charles Collins, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Five years penal servitude for carrying sixteen sticks gelignite.
„ 25— Christopher Mullen, Dublin. Courtmartialled — One year hard labour (for helping above).
„ 25— Denis O’ Connor, Terence O’Malley, Dublin. Six months hard labour for refusing to answer police questions.
„ 26— Peter Milligan, James Dillon, Dundrum. Courtmartialled — six months hard labour.
„ 27— John Pugal, Boyle. Three months and bail.
„ 27— Pat Duffy, Boyle. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 27— Joseph Kearney, Boyle. Two months and bail.
„ 28— Michael Ryan, Clonmel. Four months.
„ 29— W. Sears, W. O’Leary Curtis, Ballina. Four months.
„ 29— Dr Ferrin, J.P.; P. O’Donnellan, Ballina. Four months
„ 29— Laurence Wilson, Cavan Crimes Court. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 29— Michael Smith, Cavan Crimes Crimes. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
July 1— Patk. Ennis, W. Connor, Tullamore. Three months hard labour.
„ 1— Bernard Scully, Tullamore. One month hard labour.
„ 1— D. Callan, Tullamore. One month hard labour.
July 1— P. Berry, W. Rigney, Mullingar. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 1— Thos. Kennedy, W. Smith, Mullingar. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 1— Joseph Carroll, Thurles. Four months.
„ 2— Frank O’Leary, Ennis. Two months hard labour and additional default of bail.
„ 2— Will Hanihan, Ennis. One month and bail.
„ 3— Charles Molloy, W. Muldowney. Four months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 6— John Kavanagh, Arklow. Nine months hard labour.
„ 6— Edward Murphy, Ballina. Two months and bail.
„ 6— Eighteen summonses and fines for having arms, North Louth.
„ 6— Alex. O’Shea, Kenmare. Three months hard labour.
„ 8— Denis Byrne, Kilkenny. Two months.
„ 8— Pat Phelan, Michael Cotton, Kilkenny. Five months.
„ 8— Michael Byrne, R. Curran, Kilkenny. Three months.
„ 8— Michael Greene, Ennis. Two months and three additional in default of bail.
„10— Daniel Scannell, John Deen, Pat Shea, Tralee. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„10— Patrick Morris, Joseph Lynch. Leo McKenna. Co. Meath. One month.
„10— Will Gilmartin, Sligo. Four months hard labour and six additional in default of bail.
(Gilmartin’s mother was arrested for trying to speak to her son.)
„ 10— Thady Morrison, James Lambert, Sligo. Two months and six additional in default of bail
„ 10— Timothy Malvin, Loe Browne, Patk. Bannon, Jos. McHugh, Athlone. One month.
„ 10— Edward Shiel, W. Belton, Jas. Bannon, Joseph Carty, Athlone. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 10— Thos. Slavin, Jos. Shortall, Jas. Cullen, Portarlington. Two months.
„ 11— Pat Dineen, Cork. Courtmartialled — One year hard labour; six months remitted.
„ 11— Jeremiah Breen, Cork. Six months hard labour.
„ 11— James McDonnell, Cork. Six months hard labour, changed to three months without hard labour.
„ 11— James Dunne, Cork. Three months hard labour.
July 11— Andrew J. Mulhall, Dublin. Two months hard labour.
„ 15— John Ryan, Thurles. Two months.
„ 15— John Dunne, Thurles. Two months.
„ 15— P. O’Keefe, W. Fitzgerald, T. O’Dwyer, P. Lacey, E. O’Reilly Thurles. One month for answering the police in Irish.
„ 15— Mathew Boylan, Michael J. Conifrey, John and Joseph Nangle, W. Fitzpatrick, John Allen, Michael Finn, Carrick-on-Shannon. One month.
„ 15— Robert Frost, Ennis. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 16— Patrick Foy, Cootehill. Six months.
„ 16— Denis Smyth, Belfast. Courtmartialled — 84 days.
„ 17— James Flaherty, Galway. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Pat Nolan, Galway. One month hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Five men, Thurles. One month.
„ 18— Gerald O’Sullivan, Skibbereen. Four months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 18— Wm. Keating, John Love, Kilkenny. Courtmartialled — Eighteen months.
„ 18— Thomas Kenny, Templemore. Three months.
„ 18— Sean Brown, Derry Assizes. Eight months.
„ 18— John McDermott, Lisbally. Four months and additional three months in default of bail.
„ 18— James Pallas, Lisbally. Four months and additional three months in default of bail.
„ 18— Michael Rodey, Lisbally. Six months and additional three months in default of bail.
„ 18— Martin Thornton, Castlebar. Three months and additional three months in default of bail.
„ 18— Michael Hughes, Castlebar. Six weeks.
„ 18— Man (name not given), Cork. Courtmartialled two years hard labour.
„ 24— Wm. Murphy, Dublin. One month, two weeks additional in default of bail.
„ 24— Wm. Tobin. Dublin. 40s. and costs (trying to rescue Murphy).
July 24— Francis McPartlin, Dublin. Six weeks and fourteen days additional in default of bail.
„ 24— Pat Maloney, Tipperary. One month.
„ 24— James and Garrett Scanlan, Tipperary. James, two months; other, one month.
„ 24— W. Burke, M. Noonan, Denis McHale, Patrick Fahy, Denis O’Brien. Tipperary. One month.
„ 24— Thomas Ketrick, Belfast. Six months hard labour.
„ 24— Thomas Derrig, Belfast. Five months.
„ 27— James Fullam, Cavan. One month and one added in default of bail.
„ 27— Charles Fitzpatrick, Cavan. Six months.
„ 27— James Cullen, Cavan. Two months.
„ 27— Jeremiah Keane. Kerry. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 27— Michael Quirke, Tipperary. Fourteen days.
„ 27— Michael Mulligan, Carrick-on-Shannon. One month hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 29— John McCarthy, O. Hynes, Thos. Keane, M Sheahan, P. Prendergast, G. Fahy, Ennis. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 29— Thos. McGrath. Patk. Keating, Patk. Keating (2), Ennis. One month hard labour and two in default of bail.
Aug. 1— Thomas Culligan, Tipperary. Courtmartialled — two years hard labour.
„ 1— Wm. Cleary, Thos. New, Thos. Furlong, Arklow. Courtmartialled — twelve months hard labour.
„ 1— James K. Cassidy, Arklow. Courtmartialled — Eighteen months.
„ 1— Higgins, Rathfarnham. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 2— Pierce Byrne, Wexford. Two months hard labour (for taking part in concert, at which “seditious” songs were sung).
„ 3— John Gavin, Sligo. Courtmartialled — Three months hard labour.
„ 3— Michael Raftery, Sligo. 42 days hard labour.
„ 3— Michael McMahon, Birr. Four months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 3— Felix Feehan, Michael Murphy, James McArdle, Hugh Mines, Crossmaglen. One month.
„ 8— Charles Minogue, Thos. Shelvin, Robert Mason, Sligo. Nine months hard labour.
Aug. 8— James McGrath, — Deelan. — Foley, at Cork. Fourteen days hard labour for making a fire which could be seen at sea.
„ 8— Michael Donohoe, at Templemore. Two months for giving his name in Irish.
„ 8— Michael Raynor, at Templemore. Three months for giving his name in Irish.
„ 8— Pat Casey, at Templemore. Three months.
„ 8— Thirteen men fined, Woodford. From 10s. to 40s.
„ 8— Thos. Corrigan, Enniskillen. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 8— James Hickey, Clonmel Crimes Court. Two months hard labour.
„ 9— Robert Wallace, Christopher Ennis, John Cody, Graiguenamanagh. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 9— Two women, Graiguenamanagh. One woman seventeen days; the other fourteen days.
„ 10— Denis Kenny, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Fifteen months hard labour.
„ 10— Joseph Dillon, John Curley, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Twelve months hard labour.
„ 12— John Forrestal, Newtownbarry. £5 for having possession of gun.
„ 12— John Foley, Killanure. £3 for having possession of gun.
„ 14— Joseph Reid, Queenstown. Three months.
„ 17— E.J. McCrann, Boyle. One month.
„ 17— John McNamara, Ennis. Three months hard labour.
„ 17— Wm. Kelleher, Cavan. Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 17— James Baxter, Terence Brady, Pat Quinn, junr.; Pat Dolphin, Cavan. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 17— Thos. Culligan, Cavan. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour (for having shot gun and ammuniton [ammunition] in his possession).
„ 21— Joseph Cahill, Belfast. £10 or three months.
„ 21— Miss Mary McManus, Athlone. £5 for selling “The Tool of England,” a song 50 years old.
„ 22— John Nolan, Cork. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour.
„ 22— M. Kennedy, Templemore. Four months.
„ 23— George Mahony, Fermoy. Two months hard labour.
„ 23— Pat Mahony, Fermoy. Three months hard labour.
„ 28— Thos. Duff, Swords. Six months hard labour.
Aug. 29— Two boys. Dublin. 10s. or seven days, selling flags bearing inscription, “Remember Casement.”
„ 29— A third boy, 30/-.
Sept. 2— Michael Foley, Edenderry. Three months.
„ 2— Charles Hurley, Berehaven. Two months.
„ 3— Cahir Healy, Inniskillen. £50 or three months for refusing to tell where he got posters.
„ 5— Jack O’Sheehan, Roscommon. Courtmartialled — Two years (singing “seditious” songs at concert. Badly mauled by the police when arrested).
„ 5— Tim O’Connor, Daniel M’Carthy, Tim Leahy, William Sweeney, Kerry. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 5— John Wrexted, Templemore. Sent to goal (period not given).
„ 7— Patrick Belton, Dublin. Six months hard labour for having two revolvers and ammunition.
„ 10— Ignatius and Alex. O’Neill, Miltownmalbay. Four months, Police fined at the same time for assaulting prisoners.
„ 11— Michael Callaghan, Edinburgh High Court. Three years penal servitude (bringing arms to Ireland).
„ 11— Michael Gallagher, Edinburgh High Court. Six months (for bringing arms to Ireland).
„ 11— C. Hilly, Miss Rose A. Healy, Edinburgh High Court. Three months (bringing arms to Ireland).
„ 12— P. Buckley, T. O’Shea, B. O’Sullivan, R. Costelloe, Drumcolloher. One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Five men, Adare. Three months and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— John Lampson, Roger McCormack, Galbally. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 13— J. Mulcahy Lyons, Clonmel. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour (for reading publicly a manifesto issued by the Republican Party declaring the right of the people of Ireland to free speech).
„ 14— Francis Phillips, Cashel; Richard Treacy, Tipperary; John Buckley, Bandon. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour for reading above-mentioned manifesto.
„ 14— Peter and Matt. Foley, Kenmare; Patrick Murphy, Bray. Six months hard labour.
„ 14— Two boys of 16 and 17, Dublin. 20s. and 10s. for selling flags.
Sept. 16— Michael Costello, Clondalkin. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour for reading manifesto.
„ 16— Michael and Wm. Hanlon, Bray. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour.
„ 18— Joseph Devine, Eugene Gormley, Robert Kelly (President Newry Trades Council), John Curran, Pat McKenna, Joseph Smith, Belfast (Crimes Court). Six months.
„ 18— Dan Dumigan, Pat Fitzpatrick, John Morgan. James Walsh, Pat Lenagh, Keady (Crimes Court). Three months, and three additional in default of bail.
„ 18— Peter McGinn, Co. Monaghan. Four months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 18— Joseph McAree, Pat Redmond, Barney McNally, Co. Monaghan (Crimes Court). Two months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 19— Alex. Fitzgerald, Killenaule. One year hard labour.
„ 19— James D. Kenny, Miltownmalbay. Six months hard labour.
„ 19— Michael Regan, Hospital; James Byrne, Ballycullane; James Crowley, Listowel; Timothy Counihan, Kerry. One year hard labour
„ 19— James Duffy, Bailieboro’. One month and two in default of bail.
„ 20— Thomas Kelly, Donadea. Two months and three in default of bail.
„ 20— Thomas O’Brien, Donadea. One month and one in default of bail.
„ 20— Thomas Morris, Joseph Conroy, Christopher Murphy, Maryborough. Three months and one in default of bail.
„ 21— Sean O’Brien, Bandon. Three months hard labour.
„ 21— Thos. Beechinor, Jas. Moloney, Cornelius Murphy, Bandon. Two months hard labour.
„ 21— Andrew Walsh, Francis Sullivan, Bandon. Two months.
„ 21— Pat McBriarty, Columb McGill, Pat McGrade, Cornelius Boyle, Strabane. One month and two additional in default of bail.
„ 24— Owen O’Duffy, Daniel Hogan, Clones. Two months — for leading a party of cyclists and blowing whistle for mounting and dismounting.
„ 25— James Duggan, John Hynes, John Hassett, Cork. Courtmartialled — One years hard labour.
„ 25— John Deegan, Cork. Courtmartialled -— Six months for having document “which if published might cause disaffection.”
Sept. 25— Miss O’Brien, Dublin. Fourteen days.
„ 25— Miss Dargan, Dublin. Seven days.
„ 25— John Driscoll, Bandon. Two months hard labour.
„ 25— Thos. Byrnes, Listowel. Gaol for collecting for Thos. Ashe Memorial.
„ 27— Jas. O’Kelly, Queenstown. Four months hard labour and two added in default of bail.
„ 27— Thos. O’Reilly (Director Cavan and Leitrim Railway), Bernard Reddin, J. O’Brien, County Cavan. One month for singing “The Soldier’s Song.”
„ 27— John Doran, Downpatrick. £5 for leading procession of pipers without police permit.
„ 28— G.A. Dunlop, Dublin. Six months hard labour and bail or further term.
„ 28— Martin Breen Tipperary. One week for refusing to pay 1s. fine.
„ 30— Laurence McCrudden, Luke Smith, Cavan. Three months and two additional in default of bail.
„ 30— Bernard Rudden, Cavan. One month.
Oct. 1— James Hoey, Garrett Waldron, Peter Leggett, Bray. Three months for being present at a meeting where manifesto previously referred to was read.
„ 2— John R. Treacey, Galway. Courtmartialled — Two years.
„ 2— John Grogan, Galway. Courtmartialled — One year.
„ 3— Charles Brien, Bray. Three months.
„ 3— John O’Hare, Dom. F. Fitzgerald, Jas. Gennings, Hugh Pollock, Michael O’Hara, T. Monaghan, Hugh P. Crawley, Newry. Four months hard labour.
„ 3— Daniel O’Sullivan, Killarney. Three months hard labour and three added in default of bail.
Date uncertain— P.J. McGinn, Aged 16, Castleblayney. One month for carrying Sinn Fein flag.
„ 3— Robert Slane, Tyrone. Two years (Courtmartial)
„ 5— Christopher O’Connell, Michael Foley, Peter Harrington, Cork. Eighteen months hard labour.
„ 5— Pat O’Neill, Cork. Three months hard labour.
„ 5— Patk. J. Carroll, Cork. 56 days hard labour (Courtmartial).
„ 5— John Wilson, James Sexton, Manorhamilton. Fourteen days.
„ 3— Wm. Geraghty, Edward Grace, Newbridge. Fourteen days — selling flags
„ 9— Thos. O’Rorke, Dublin. One year hard labour.
Oct. 10— Alderman J. Lynch, Boyle. Three months hard labour and three added on bail.
„ 10— Charles Daly, Kerry. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour for carrying arms.
„ 10— Timothy Killeen, Clonfert. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour, commuted to one month with hard labour.
„ 10— Thomas Sheehy, Kiltimagh; Pat Malone, Balliver; Tim Ward, Mohill; Jos. Brennan, Claremorris; John Hennigan, Drumcliffe. One year hard labour (Courtmartial).
„ 10— Michael Moore, Cork. One month.
„ 11— Joseph McDarby, Carlow. Two months for playing in local band.
„ 11— Martin Beckett, Tralee. Three months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Henry Shiels, of Galway. Two years.
„ 12— Michael J. McNamara, of Roscommon. One year.
„ 12— James Daly, of Castlebar. 84 days, 20 remitted (courtmartial).
„ 12— Pat O’Shea, Thos. Collins, Ennis One month and three additional in default of bail.
„ 12— Joseph McDarley, Carlow. Two months.
„ 15— J.F. O’Keely, Sandyford. One years hard labour.
„ 17— Pat Farrelly, Stephen Donnelly, Anthony Merrick, Ballina. Five months for being out with boys who carried a flag inscribed “Remember Ashe.”
„ 17— Pat McCabe, Clones. One month for “whistling derisively at the police.”
„ 19— Hugh Maguire, Edward Mulvany, Berlie Munday, Clones. One month hard labour.
Date uncertain — Misses Cussen, O’Sullivan, Sheedy, Broadford. Twelve days in gaol.
„ 24— M. Redmond, Wexford (Crimes Court). Two months.
„ 24— Pat O’Connor, Albert Smith, Denis O’Brien, Thos. Maher, E.M. Nolan, Denis O’Connor, Wexford (Crimes Court). One month for wearing uniform at volunteer’s funeral.
„ 28— Thos. Fitzpatrick, Cavan. Six months, three additional in default of bail.
„ 31— Cornelius O’Sullivan, John Riordan, Jeremiah Riordan, Cork. Courtmartial — 84 days hard labour.
„ 31— Michael Sinnott, Thos. Doyle, Thos. D. Sinnott, Thos. Trainor, James O’Brien, Cork. Courtmartialied — 6 months hard labour.
Nov. 1— James Browne, Cork. Courtmartialled — 84 days hard labour for having documents likely to cause disaffection.
„ 5— P. Mullins, James Davenport, Michael Tierney, Frank Dowd, Galway. Three months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 6— Pat McNamee, Peter Clarke, Pat Clark, Omagh. Three months.
„ 7-12 inclusive.— Michael Boland, of Ballycumber; James Boland, do.; John Murray, of Donegal. Courtmartialled — Six months hard labour.
„ 7-12 inc.— Herbert Smith, Scotland. Courtmartialled — £2 or ten days.
„ 7-12 inc.— Maisie O’Loughlin, two other girls, Dublin. £1 — selling flags.
„ 7-12 inc.— Joseph O’Brien, Carrick-on-Shannon. Two months.
„ 13— McCarthy, Pat Mulvey, Pat Hegarty, Cork. Courtmartialled — Twenty-eight days hard labour.
„ 15— James and Stanislaus Moran, Tullamore. Two months.
„ 15— John Lyons, Buttevant. One month hard labour, or £2.
„ 15— Pat O’Dea, Ennis. Six months.
„ 16— Con Gallioghy, Michael McHugh, P.K. M’Avinney. Carrick-on-Shannon. Fourteen days hard labour and one month additional in default of bail.
„ 21— Misses Lena and Winifred Sharkey, Longford. One month in Sligo gaol.
„ 21— Richard S. Moynihan, Cork. Courtmartialled — Six months hard labour.
„ 28— Fred Sullivan, Arthur Sullivan, Mayo. Six months hard labour.
„ 29— John Rogers, Co. Wicklow. Courtmartial — Two years (charge of possessing a revolver).
Dec. 2— Pat Magee, Dublin. Courtmartialled — 12 months hard labour for having two revolvers and ammunition.
„ 2— Peter Ryan, Thurles. One month.
„ 4— P. Lennon, J. McCarthy, New Ross. One month.
„ 17— John Moran, Limerick. Courtmartialied — One year hard labour for having revolver and ammunition.
„ 18— John Byrne, Michael Davis, Christopher Wolohan, James Barnes, Wicklow. Three months.
„ 19— Edward Keefe, Co. Tipperary. Two years hard labour.
Dec. 19— Pat Cash, Templemore. One month.
„ 21— Michael Higgins, Westport. Twenty-eight days.
„ 28— Henry Meany, Limerick. Two months hard labour and three additional in default of bail.
„ 28— Edward Corbett, Co. Galway. Courtmartialied — Five years penal servitude, endangering R.I.C. man’s life by firearms. Accused denied ever having firearms.

Jan. 16— Tadg Barry, Cork. Two years.
„ 28— Robert Holland, Inchicore. One month for singing National song.
„ 30— P. Corcoran Cork. Courtmartialled — Six months with remission of 48 days.
Feb. 3— H. O’Brien Moran, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Six months, 112 days remitted.
„ 3— J. Ryan, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Three months, 56 days remitted.
„ 5— Ernest Nunan, Torquay. Two years hard labour.
„ 7— — Athy, — Holland, — Hearne, Oranmore. One month hard labour.
„ 10— F. O’Shaugnhessy, Limerick. Three months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 10— Michael Doyle, L. McKeown, P. McInerney, Limerick. Two months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 10— Peter O’Keefe, Cork. Courtmartialled — Five years penal servitude for buying rifle from soldier.
„ 15— Joseph Gahan, Dublin. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 19— Miss K. McLoughlin, Westport. Three sureties in £10 or two months for singing National songs.
„ 20— Thos. Skinner, Dublin. One month hard labour.
„ 24— Pat Marlin, Carrickmacross. Ten days.
„ 26— A.V. Doherty, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Twenty eight days.
„ 26— P. Holohan, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Twenty eight days.
„ 26— George A. Lyons, Dublin. Courtmartialled — 42 days.
„ 28— Ernest Surgarth, Kiltimagh. 10s.; shouted “Hurrah for Sinn Fein.
Mar. 1— Pat Daly, Birr. £4.
„ 2— Charles and Thomas Fitzpatrick, John Kirkart, Roland Finnigan. Three months — For “disloyal songs and expressions.”
Dec. 5— J. Dorgan, R.D.C., Cork. Courtmartialled — one month
„ 14— Sixteen men, Kilgivern. One month for breaking up land for tillage.
„ 16— Hugh O’Rourke, an American, Liverpool. Nine months for taking sealed letters between America and Ireland.
„ 16— Pat. Fleming, Cork. Five years penal servitude, buying rifles and reading seditious documents. — Courtmartialled.
„ 24— Three men of Foynes. One month.
April 10— Edward Moane, Castlebar. £1 for singing “Up, Sinn Fein.”
„ 10— James Galloghy, Carrickmacross. Four months hard labour and two additional in default of bail.
„ 10— John Ward, Carrickmacross. Two months hard labour.
„ 10— Peter Goodman, Carrickmacross. Fourteen days.
„ 12— Mrs. Flaherty, Strokestown. £2 for flying S.F. flag.
„ 14— Eamonn Waldron. Ordered to leave Ireland.
„ 21— Teresa Donovan, Cork. Fourteen days.
„ 21— Joseph Rafter, of Tullamore, at Athlone. Two months.
„ 21— Peter Downes, at Athlone. £5.
„ 23— Jas. Connor, Edward G. O’Carroll, Dublin. One month.
„ 26— Pat Higgins, Cork. Six months.
„ 26— James Courtney, John Healy, Cork. Three months.
May 9— Andrew Murray, Dublin. One month and one additional in default of bail.
„ 26— J. O’Sheehan, Loughrea. Two months.
June 1— John O’Grady, Pat O’Growney, Thomas McGuinness, Athboy. One month hard labour.
„ 1— Joseph Martin, Bernard M’Connell, Patrick Casey, Athboy. Fourteen days.
„ 9— James Malone, R. Ryan, Rock of Cashel. £1 1s. or one month, sedition at picnic.
„ 13— Joseph O’Kelly, of Ballaghadereen, at Dublin. Courtmartialled. Two years hard labour.
„ 13— Henry McAllister and John Irwin, Dublin. 112 days hard labour — (Court-martialled).
„ 15— J. Thackaberry, J. Mullally, T. Lacey, P. McCarthy, — Cullinane, M. Ashe, Listowel. Seventeen days, and in default of guarantee two months hard labour extra.
„ 27— John Greene, Roddy Kelly, Martin Walsh, Dublin. Three months hard labour.
„ 28— James Hannon, of Dublin. Four months.
June 29— James Redican, Boyle. One month.
July 20— Owen Tansey, Co. Sligo. One month.
„ 30— John Finn, Michael Roddy, Co. Sligo. Seven days.
„ 30— Henry Wade, William Casey, Cork. Two mounths [months] hard labour.
„ 30— Michael Myers, Jeremiah Mullane, Cork. Four months hard labour.
Aug. 4— Ahern. M. Carney, Mrs. M. Henchy, Mrs. Madigan, P. Murphy, W. Weyton, Mrs. O’Callaghan, J. Wall, M. Vaughan, Miss McCormack, P. Healy, Ennis. 10s. and costs for displaying Republican flag during De Valera’s Election.
„ 4— Pat Lehane, Ennistymon. Three months hard labour.
„ 8— J. McKeogh, Killaloe. £2 for flying Sinn Fein flag.
„ 9— McEliigott. — Browne, — Murphy, Listowel. £2 and 10s. costs.
„ 4, 6, 10— Michael Fleming, Galway. Eighteen months hard labour.
Peter Howley, Galway. One year hard labour.
James Lynch, Galway. Four months hard labour.
Michael Trayers, Galway. Three months hard labour.
Pat and M. Brennan, Clare. Two years.
Austin Brennan, Clare. One year.
Peter O’Loughlin, Clare. Fifteen months.
„ 14— Thos. Connor. — Murtagh. M. Rourke. Thos. Davis, L. Mongey, C. Burke, Drogheda. Four months.
„ 30— Garrett Scollard. Pat Walsh, Michael Connell, Thos. Sturdon, of Killahone, Clare. One month.
„ 21— Owen Tansey, Joseph Tansey, Pat Roddy, John Finn, John McDermott, Pat Mulligan, Jas. Grady, Dominick Murray, Matt Brennan, Bernard Brennan, at Sligo. Fourteen days hard labour.
„ 22— — Duffy, — Flannigan, Ballybay. Seven days.
„ 23— Hugh McElroy, Terence Magee, Ballybay. One month hard labour.
„ 31— Austin Stack, Co. Kerry. Two years (Courtmartialled) — six months remitted.
„ 31— Finian Lynch, Co. Kerry. Courtmartialled — Six months remitted.
Sept. 1— James Dunne, Dublin. One year hard labour (C.M.)
„ 1— Wm. Shaw, Dublin. Three months hard labour (Courtmartial).
„ 4— John Burke, Co. Galway. Nine months.
Sept. 5— Arthur O’Donnell, Tabarheeda; Edward Barry, Tralee; James Mattigan, Ennis; Hubert. J. Hunt, Corofin; James Griffey, at Cork. Courtmartialled — Twelve months.
„ 5— Richard Coleman, M. O’Brien, Swords. Six months.
„ 6— Frank Gallagher, of Clare. Six months hard labour.
„ 7— Joseph MacDonagh, Dublin. Six months.
„ 12— Thomas Ashe. One year hard labour.
„ 12— Francis Shinners, of Cork. One year hard labour.
„ 12— Edward O’Dwyer, Tipperary. Nine months.
„ 17— John Minihan, Michael Murray, Thos. Leddy, Will McNamara, at Cork. Courtmartialled — One year hard labour.
„ 17— John Treacy, at Cork. Six months hard labour.
„ 17— Heron, — Hannon, at Belfast. One month hard labour.
„ 17— T. Murphy, T. Hogan. — Tyrell, Goersbridge. Fourteen days.
„ 18— Pat McMahon, at Belfast. Courtmartialled — Six months hard labour.
„ 18— John J. Walsh, at Belfast. One year hard labour. — (Courtmartial.)
„ 22— James O’Sullivan, at Belfast. Six mouths hard labour (Courtmartial).
„ 22— Michael McCabe and Thomas Conaty, at Belfast. Fifty-six days (Courtmartial).
„ 22— Denis Murray, Michael Sullivan, at Cork. Three months hard labour.
„ 22— John Murnane, at Cork. One year hard labour.
„ 24— P. Healy, C. Mean, J. Connell, D. Hickey, Millstreet. Two months.
Oct. 2— Joseph Mulvehill, Athlone. One month.
„ 10— Edward Punch, Dublin. Courtmartialled — Five years penal servitude.
„ 10— Thos Malone, Clare; — Browne, Clare; Joseph Breen, Thomas Callaghan, at Cork. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour (hard labour remitted by G.O.C.: also one year of Breen’s and Brown’s sentence and eighteen months of Callaghan’s).
Oct. 16— Thos. Marrinan, at Clare. Courtmartialled — Nine months (three remitted).
„ 27— Daniel Sheehan, James Hogan, Croom. Courtmartialled — Two years hard labour (hard labour and one year remitted).
Nov. 3— James O’Neill, Rockwell College; Martin Dwyer, Bansha. Courtmartialled – Six months.
„ 3— John Carroll, Hospital. Courtmartial[l]ed — One year (Nine months remitted).
„ 3— Benjamin Hickey, Co. Tipperary. Courtmartialled — Nine months, three remitted.
Date unknown – C. Daly, J. Connor, J. Connor, E. Connor, W. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, Tralee. One month.
„ 6— Samuel Herron, Belfast. Six months.
„ 8— Terence Magee, Hugh McIlroy, Ballybay. Fourteen days.
„ 8— W. Duffy, Loughegish. Seven days.
„ 9— Rev. Michael Daly, Liverpool. Three months (bringing letters from America).
„ 15— Francis Hanagan, Pat O’Flanagan, Thomas Atkins, Michael Kavanagh, Joseph O’Carroll, Pat Farrell, Pat Mooney, Stephen Kirwan, Albert Rutherford, James Graham, Michael O’Sullivan, Pat McEvoy, Pat Roe, John McGauran, Dublin. Two months.
„ 17— James McInerney (of Limerick). Courtmartallied [Courtmartialled], two years, 18 months remitted.
„ 17— James Ledden, Limerick; James Leahy, Thurles; Michael Colivet, Limerick. Courtmartialled, one year, six months remitted.
„ 17— Pat Keogh, Limerick; Denis J. Lyons, Kanturk; Jas. O’Keefe, Jeremiah Breen, Co. Kerry. Eighteen months, one year remitted. – Courtmartial.
„ 17— Joseph Denan, Clare. Two years, 18 months remitted. – Courtmartialled.
„ 22— Frank McGrath, Nenagh; Pat McGough, Clare; Thos. Colter, Clare; James Connelly, Clare: Wm. Dunn, Fermoy. Courtmartialled, one year, six months remitted.
„ 22— Pat Hogan, Tipperary; John Murphy, Fred Murray, Pat Higgins, Christopher O’Gorman, John O’Sullivan, Thomas Curtin, T. McSwiney, Cork; Wm. Mullins, Tralee. Courtmartialled, 9 months, three remitted.
Nov. 22— John Foley, Daniel Healy, Thos. Foley, John McGaley, Tralee; Denis Galvin, Cork; Maurice F. Beasley, Ballybunion. Courtmartialled, 18 months, 12 remitted.
„ 22— Pat Cahill, Kerry; Tom Brosnan, Castlegregory. Two years.— Courtmartial
Dec. 4— Thos. Ruane, John Corcoran, Bohola. Three months.
„ 4— Pat. Bradley, Belfast. Nine months.
„ 7— John Hennessy, Ballyroe; R. O’Keefe. Wm. Rumley, Thos. Griffin, Ballyroe. Two months.
„ 8— John Hourigan, Tallow. One month.
„ 14— Nine men, Westmeath. Fourteen days hard labour.
„ 26— James Horgan, Ballybunion. Four months.
„ 26— Michael Reynolds, Dunleer. Courtmartialled, 12 months, six remitted.

Source: University of Warwick Library – Digital Collections

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